The Top 3 Features (and One Huge Drawback) of PS4 Update 2.0

It has been a little over a week since the Playstation 4 system update 2.00 has rolled out, and GamersFTW had some time to go over some of the best features of the update. The update took little time to apply since, like most of the PS4 gamers, GamersFTW had their PS4 in sleep mode which downloads the update while gamers are away from the system, which is always awesome news. Once the update was applied and ready to go, GamersFTW expected some sort of tutorial for everything, that didn't happen, they had to figure some things out on their own while others were simple common sense. In this article, GamersFTW shows you their three favorite features of the update, and then explain one drawback every PS4 gamer should know at this point.

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one2thr1383d ago

Im enjoying the features of 2.0, but the amount of time it takes to send/receive/delete a message is time consuming, and ridiculous, hopefully that gets fixed.

masterfox1383d ago

yep having the same issue with the messages, I'm sure Sony will be rolling out a hotfix soon.

nX1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Article states
"The system will not boot up from rest mode at all."

My brother and me both can boot it up from rest mode, just tested it while CoD:AW was downloading in the background (43GB ugh)

Just googled it, if you're affected do this:
Start the PS4 in safe mode (hold down power button for at least 8 seconds), redownload the latest firmware and reapply it. It seems like that fixes it for some people.

Genuine-User1383d ago

It will get fixed soon, hopefully.
Messaging use to be instant on PS4, don't know why it takes 10-15 seconds to send or load new messages :S

Travis37081383d ago

I agree with this! sometimes it's fast and the other time it's slow as hell!!

IIFloodyII1383d ago

Since the update it's been much faster for me (except for the deleting part, which it refuses to do).

generic-user-name1383d ago

It's ridiculously slow, I hope they are aware of the issue.

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badz1491383d ago

yeah the messed up Rest Mode has really spoiled the party for most if not all PS4 owners. was there anything wrong with the previous Standby Mode that they had to change it to Rest Mode and screwed it up like...totally screwed up?

I hope they would come up with a patch for this quick because it's so damn annoying! the rest of new features are GOLD though but also a bit bummed that DLNA is still not there yet!

CARROT1809941383d ago

they probably made some changes in the background ready for the suspend/resume feature thats whats screwing it up, rest makes more sense than standby when they eventually introduce suspend/resume

Genuine-User1383d ago

Fortunately I haven't been affected by the Rest Mode bug, neither have my friends.
There's no conclusive data but I don't think that many are affected by this bug.

darren_poolies1383d ago

Unfortunately I have but I'm glad I'm not alone, I thought my PS4 was jacked.

Ciporta19801383d ago

Never once put my ps4 in standby mode or now rest mode. It boots up so fast from full shutdown it's not really necessary. Helps I have fast internet too so don't need to download in rest mode either.

Utalkin2me1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Well some people with PS+, like having it automatically upload your save files and download updates while in standby/rest mode.

KwietStorm1383d ago

My connection is 60 down 25 up. I used standby all the time so things were ready to go when I turn it on. Don't have to worry about saves either. And since I have long game sessions, charging my accessories is kind of necessary while I'm away. Can't really do that right now.

PabloMustasch1383d ago

I personally don't find the Youtube app all that,

i've been using my phone linked to the ps4 to watch youtube stuff since day one. Plus searching for videos takes a lot less time through my phone than with the ps4 controller

Genuine-User1383d ago

The Youtube app is great. Pairing your phone is always the best way on any platform.

KwietStorm1383d ago

So use the app and browse on your phone.

PabloMustasch1382d ago

I think i was misundestood? I do use the app on the ps4, it's been on the ps4 since day one, i use my phone like a remote control for the app.

I think it was they added a flash player in the update? It is this that i didn't really care about coz i've been using it all along anyway :)

KwietStorm1382d ago

The YouTube app has not been there since day 1, it was just released with the 2.0 update. Are you talking about the web browser?

spaceg0st1383d ago

personally stoked for the usb music player. I've been playing that a LOT with bf4 lately

XxNxWxOxX1383d ago

It really is a great additon

edwick1383d ago

booting in through rest mode isn't a thing for me. it seems to boot up just fine from rest mode.

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