The Biggest Video Games Of Holiday Season 2014

Forbes: With October almost over and November upon us, it’s safe to say video games—along with the rest of the world—are headed into holiday season, that frenzied time of year when you get crazy discounts and major game releases.

2014 is no exception, and promises some very big releases over the next few weeks, all in time for your holiday shopping. The hype is mounting, with lots of new TV spots from major game publishers and console manufacturers.

So without further ado, the biggest games of the rest of the year.

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nicksetzer11384d ago

Between halo MCC, ori, the order (assuming all the previews are wrong) and the witcher I am pretty sure I am good until next holiday.

joab7771384d ago

It's Dragon Age for me and these 2 wks ate gonna take forever. Just don't have time to start and finish anything else.

Letthewookiewin1384d ago

Yup I'm waiting on Dragon Age and Far Cry 4. I might pick up COD. I haven't played one in years and it looks ok, will buy the physical copy in case it's not good so I can get rid of it need be.

Pikminmaniac1384d ago

GTA V and Far Cry 4 for me. Maybe Dragon Age and LBP 3 in December or January. Otherwise these will hold me over until February.