On Sleeping Dogs, Wei Shen, and sexually attractive male heroes

Polygon: "I've been live streaming games a lot lately. It's been a great way to feel connected to other folks in this hobby of ours during a rocky time. It's fun and, in some ways, important.

One recent stream allowed me to confront a topic I've been wrestling with for almost as long as I've been playing games: the treatment of characters as objects of desire.

We were streaming Sleeping Dogs (the newly released Definitive Edition), and the topic of protagonist Wei Shen's attractiveness came up. To be clear — we aren't far into the game, and I can't speak to the rest of Sleeping Dogs as it represents its hero and supporting characters. But immediately, we all noticed that Wei Shen was, well, a good looking fellow."

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caseh1356d ago

Waaahh, he's being objectified waaah waaah naked man waah waaah waaah clearly misandry waaaaaaaaaaaah.


Zero-One1356d ago

Just another boring news day. Move along, nothing to see here.

Roccetarius1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Not once was i actually thinking about Wei Shen's attractiveness, while i was playing the game. Sure, i dressed him up in expensive suits and such, but it never really crossed my mind because he's a good character.

The regressiveness going on currently is mind boggling.

kingdip901356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

It's not progressive it's regressive.

Complaining about attractive characters in a work of fantasy! Should complaints like these effect change it will be limiting on what game makers can do.

I understand the article doesn't recognize that attractive male protagonists are sexualized as female ones are but I disagree. More skin does not necessarily make a character more sexualized.

If men find a female who Is scantily clad appealing and she is portrayed like that to be attractive on purpose then yes that's sexualization.

If women find a handsome rogue appealing and he is portrayed like that to be attractive on purpose then yes that's sexualization.

But what's wrong with playing out a fantasy? Why should men or women feel shame for enjoying media... why are people always trying to shame men simply for being men

Roccetarius1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Sites like Polygon are becoming increasingly ''progressive'' ; in that they see this in each game, which is what's mind boggling.

If more people start to think like them, that's damaging to the industry.

Massacred1356d ago

I'm done with sites like Loligon and Notaku. Just done.

Donnywho1356d ago

We love boobies, we can't help it.

Spotie1356d ago

Even if we could, would we want to?

This does once again bring up the question: why do the feminists attacking gaming always overlook that men are treated in the same way they women are portrayed in gaming?

MookaTek1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

In all of the years that I have been alive (33) there have been several constants. Rather than list them all, I will elaborate upon one that relates to this article: Most people like to look at attractive people. Don't worry, I'm not objectifying the rare group that likes to look at ugly people. Nor am I objectifying ugly people. Nor am objectifying the ugly parents of ugly people.

I think I'm done apologizing. Please don't write an article about my objectifying nothing, because I understand we must all love nothing for what it is: Beautiful.

Anyway, I like ass and titties and most girls like a six pack on a dude. Some dudes like a six pack on a dude and some girls like ass and titties. The fact that we exist in the year 2014, surrounded by technological wonders, with experts on TV ranting about anything and everything about nothing, whilst bigger and better bombs are being built and entire civilizations are being laid to waste, and babies are being popped out at an exponential rate, not one goddamn person in power has figured out that naked people are cool and made it acceptable is almost mathematically impossible.

Well, back to Sunset Overdrive, playing as a girl that I made as naked as possible because I like naked chicks.

Ripsta7th1356d ago

Thats the rule of life, you are good looking and the world will throw itself at your feet

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