Early COD: AW Adopters Praise The Game; You Can Play As A Zombie In MP

Many gamers already have Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare and all of them so far have praised the game in their early reviews. Also, you can play as a zombie in multiplayer!

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kaiserfranz1136d ago

Wow, excellent news! I love the idea of running around as a zombie. And it looks like the game is being well received. Just a few more hours...

nX1136d ago

14 hours for my digital preorder to unlock... hopefully I won't be disappointed :D

BattleTorn1136d ago

I'm super stoked they pushed the digital launch to EST, giving us PST/West Coast guys a 9pm launch!!!

AliTheSnake11136d ago

So is the multiplayer, more like Ghosts or more like Black ops 2 ?

If its the latter I might give it a try if i find it on sale . (Last year i got my games in buy 2 get one free)

ginsunuva1135d ago

At time of yearly CoD announcement:
"I'm not falling for it again this year. They're not getting my money. I've finally learned my lesson."

Every day before release:
"OMG I cannot wait for my preorder yaaaay. It looks better than last year's! I love CoD praise Activision."

Volkama1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

When do the review embargos lift? Very curious to know if this is any good, and if there are any other platform to platform differences (besides the resolutions).

MS don't seem to be making as much of a song and dance of this as they did Ghosts.

donthate1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

I have a feeling MS deal with Activision is souring due to Halo:MCC, so they are putting their eggs into Halo:MCC and Sunset Overdrive.

Raidz191136d ago

Yeah I need reviews so I can know whether this is as good as it sounds before I buy it. I don't want Another fail like Ghosts

TheJacksonRGN1136d ago

November 3rd, at least 12:01 am EST.

Alexious1136d ago

I don't think there will be platform differences other than resolutions.

Reviews will probably start dropping in a few hours.

Volkama1136d ago

If for example the xbox version used azure to be the only version with dedicated servers (like they promised before ghosts) that would trump the resolution difference to make it the best version Imo, but they haven't mentioned anything about the multiplayer setup as far as I've seen.

I won't consider the timed exclusivity or marketing deals just on principle, cos that is all sour.

Thinking PS4 version at the mo, if it's worth getting at all.

Volkama1136d ago

Disagrees... There are people that wouldn't care about dedicated servers? Like, people that get excited about COD's single player or something?

Or maybe it's people that don't think the resolution is an advantage in the first place?

Ah no, probably just fanboys.

f50liv_imposter11135d ago

people are disagreeing because the game doesnt have dedicated servers on the xbox one as there's host migration in videos of the game on the xbox one so your speculating over something that wont happen

DLConspiracy1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

Its dedicated servers on Xbox One plus early maps. You don't need to worry. Its not a hybrid server mix like ghosts was on PS4. One thing you can count on is the servers for Xbox One. Part of the reason MLG support.

Volkama1135d ago

Do you have a source confirming dedicated servers? It's a pretty significant advantage if true, so I'd expect MS to shout about it?

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IRON883 1136d ago

Should I get it for the ps4 or Xbox1????

MetroidFREAK211136d ago

Do you want DLC early? That's all that matters

kaiserfranz1135d ago

PS4 for the enhanced graphics (higher resolution), Xbox One to get DLC first

DLConspiracy1135d ago

Xbox one for fully dedicated servers. So you don't have p2p hosting and you get your DLC earlier. Are you really going to notice resolution when you are running around like a nut? are gonna notice when servers don't work and you don't have maps though.

NatureOfLogic_1135d ago

PS4, HD 1080p and larger community.

DirtyLary1135d ago

X1 for a reliable networks and better controller.

BiggerBoss1135d ago

@dlconspiracy why you lying?? The xbox one uses p2p as well for this game. Not dedicated servers

LOL_WUT1135d ago

Share Play, better resolution, DS4 and overall better community IMO ;)

captainexplosion1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

I have both consoles and I went with PS4. 1080P, better controller imo, share play, and more players.

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illAmpRefugee1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

im not ready to jump on the bandwagon with these reviews quite yet just because its cod they pay ppl. i have the game preordered though honestly im just hoping for a good cod experience. since i dont expect cod to compete with other fps's i like anymore for alot of reasons. but idk my hopes are high on this cod but then again my hopes were high for every cod since BLAckops1 and i thought since BO1 cod has been decent at best

kaiserfranz1135d ago

Activision pays normal people to get good reviews? Don't think so. Anyway this game doesn't like it needs this, it won't be extraordinary but I bet it's going to be a fun gaming experience

Conzul1135d ago

Play as a Zombie. Oh, the irony.

Alexious1135d ago

Not sure I get the joke

1135d ago
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Imp0ssibl31136d ago

Good. Looks like my faith in SG is going to be repaid. Now they only have to fire Infinity Ward and get a better third developer

isa_scout1136d ago

Isn't it sad that the developer that created COD is now the developer that makes the crappy versions? I remember I used to really dislike Treyarchs CODs, but now I'd say that Treyarchs the lead devs in my opinion. My how the mighty has fallen.

badz1491136d ago

they already fired the ones that matters already from IW LOL! those guys are now making Titanfall.

kingmushroom1135d ago

Lol they went on to making titanfall...oh my, lets see how that

Festano1136d ago

Playing as a zombie? Didn't see that coming! Odd that there is no proper mode for now, though.

Majin-vegeta1136d ago

Well gonna try it with share play and see for myself.Best thing so far this gen.

Neixus1136d ago

Them salty disagrees.

Share play works wonders, almost no imput lag, for me atleast.

The93Sting1136d ago

+1 Intelligent bubble

haters gonna hate, lol.

Ultr1135d ago

Sry didn't mean to disagree. So -1 ^^

NatureOfLogic_1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

I disagreed because you accidentally disagreed, and I expect disagrees for this comment.

Aurenar1136d ago

I think this is the competitive multiplayer game of the year.

micx1136d ago

We'll see, it'll be tough to top Titanfall though.

neocores1136d ago

To top titian fall lol. 3 or 4guns in titanfall maps that are dull wont be that hard to top titanfall lol

DeadlyOreo1136d ago

I don't know if you're serious or not?

Alexious1136d ago

Tough, really? I think player counts for Titanfall are at an all-time low right now. The game has been basically forgotten

Jason_Plays_PC1135d ago

We'll see, it'll be tough to top Titanfall though.

Not sure if serious...

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