Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – How To Play A Day Early

TmarTn brings us a Call of Duty Advanced Warfare guide on how to play a day early for the Xbox One and PS4. For the PC version you can use a VPN and set it to Fiji/New Zealand.

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gillri1354d ago

I been playing this for over 24 hours

Joydivision391354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

On what console? And how? Oh I see, yeah I'm gaming on steam :/ so I have to wait :( but I might just try that VPN to play it.

BlissSeeker1354d ago

Probably PS4. If you ever went on Playstation live you would see that some people even had it two days (or more) before the day zero release.

gillri1354d ago

PS4 it was delivered on Saturday morning in the UK

Bopeepout1354d ago

Hey add my steam if you would like to play it when it comes out :)

mikeslemonade1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Screw you guys! By the time I get the game you will be prestige 1 and know all the good spots to camp -____-

Not worth it since I trade in my games and break even in credit value.

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GodGinrai1354d ago

I have to wait till tomorrow...when my 1TB XB1 turns up at my door! :)

been without an XB1 all weekend, since trading in my old one on friday for, Halo:MCC tin box, ed. pre order, SSO and my new turtle beach 500X stealths ( I was THIS close to getting the COD:AW sentinel prestige edition, but for an extra 50 quid, I get completely wireless, DTS surrousound). Im just here constantly looking at the packaging. Cant wait till tomorrow. Feels like XMAS!

plenty of new stuff to get into tomorrow. But Ill start with COD. May aswell get my moneys worth out of that double XP and bullet brass exo skeleton on day zero! I aint even a COD fan, like that but I can get down, before hopping on to SSO..and back onto FH2, which im still loving to bits!

ramiuk11354d ago

im a postman and was delivering loads on saturday,who did u order from?

iistuii1354d ago

You mean you think you were, you cant be sure unless you can see through the package...

BX811354d ago

Cool. I wonder when they are gonna allow the pre down loads on xb1 the full version?

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NotAFanboyJustReal1354d ago

Will wait and see how the next Treyarch game is. They're the only ones I have any hope in now that the original IW team is gone.

Immorals1354d ago

Last good iw game was mw1. After that, they just dropped the ball. Treyarch picked it up with [email protected] and blops 1,but blops 2 had terrible multi! (single player and Zombies were good, though)

beereal3601354d ago

Why r u on the blog just to hate.