Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PC Video Settings Revealed, Supports Plenty Of Graphic Enhancements

GearNuke: "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare looks to be a great port on PC judging from these graphic options."

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Volkama1266d ago

I tried ghosts on the PC. That port was so bad that I am not even considering PC as an option for this one.

I'll keep an eye on the likes of digital foundry on the off chance my expectation is false.

hennessey861266d ago

Yeah I was disappointed with ghosts on the PC l, but I've took a chance on advanced warfare. Hopefully I won't be disappointed again

ninjahunter1265d ago

GUYS! Its got an fov slider! They actually made a cod game for pc!

decrypt1265d ago

Still not buying it though lol.

dcj05241265d ago

Holy shot! It actually has PC options?