Microsoft Research: RoomAlive The Other Resident

Having made its debut at UIST 2014, RoomAlive uses multiple projectors to adapt interactive content that makes use of all of a room’s walls. Using RoomAlive’s capabilities, Microsoft researchers and summer intern Julian Kantor from the University of Southern California, have developed a video that is as frightening as it as inventive.

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aviator1891231d ago

wow, that is seriously cool.

donthate1231d ago

The nice thing about this is that projectors will continue to get cheaper. You already have dirt cheap LED projects.

It will be like buying a home theater system in a box.

Ctiboi20101231d ago

That's simply amazing. I can only imagine the possibilities and how this could be applied to gaming. Too bad it probably won't see the light of day due to the amount of hardware needed for this to work though. You gotta love innovation.


Cool but this will never work for mass production. They have several projectors synced up on a ceiling, who is going to do all of that? Lets not mention the cost of such a set up!

sonic9891231d ago

Looks lovely loved the idea and still it can get better and better I wonder what the results will look like if they used top of the line projectors but nevertheless impressive.

headblackman1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

this looks amazing,innovative, but it also looks expensive.

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