An amiibo Adventure Game Could Have Been A Skylanders Killer

rustyshell: Nintendo already know how to successfully bring their very different mascots together with a cohesive story set in an art-style neutral environment. So why no amiibo game?

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R00bot1385d ago

Nintendo hasn't ruled out an adventure game like skylanders, it could still happen. I'd say I expect to see an amiibo focused game at one of the next two E3's.

I'd rather they made a game more like Disney Infinity, though, since that could use each character's special abilities better.

MNGamer-N1385d ago

I'd say give them more time seeing how slow they have been to release 1st party games the past year.

JuleyJules1385d ago

Perhaps when they announce other options like cards, smaller characters etc they'll have a game like Infinity or Skylanders. By then people will have lots of amiibos that can be used with more on the way.

PeteyMcPickle1385d ago

No doubt it's already in the pipeline to some extent.

iliimaster1385d ago

ive had my eye on lego city undercover for months now after reading this im gonna have to check it out, ive seen the youtube videos i know ill have a blast even with me growing up with NES lol