How to fix Farming Simulator 15 Errors, Crashes, Saving Error, Game Won’t Start

Farming Simulator 15 game was released a few days ago on Steam and some players encountered different errors that result in game crashes.To most common Farming Simulator 15 Errors are: Crashes, Saving Errors and Game Won’t Start.If you encounter this errors use our patch to fix them, you can find a tutorial on how to properly use it and a download link below.

Farming Simulator 15 Crashes, these errors result in the game crashing and a windows that says “Giant Games Stopped Working”.Players reported that they go into career mode. The game start the world, and when they click start it just stops and it says that the game has stopped working and some error code starting with 6.0… or some other numbers, it depends on the crash.You can fix this error with our patch, just follow the tutorial below on how to use it.

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