How to fix Evolve Errors, Crashes, Stuttering, Game Won’t Start

Evolve game was released this weekend in the Alpha Beta version and many people encountered a lot of errors.he most common Evolve Errors that they encountered are: Crashes, Stuttering and Game Won’t Start.

Evolve Crash, the game crashes at the startup or you will get random crashes during the game resulting in the game being unplayable.This crashes will be frequent and very annoying.

Evolve Stuttering, this is what players reported about this error: “I’m trying to run Evolve at medium settings with no vsync, tessellation, and windowed borderless mode. Even with that, the game looks like a slideshow for me, although it would be smooth for about 4-5 seconds before it goes back to the slideshow mode and that would cycle from time. It isn’t due to my computer specs since I can run other high-demanding games just fine. Is anyone else having a similar issue?”. “But most of the time, the game freezes so much (sometimes for 10 seconds or more) Straight up freezes. I can still hear sounds, but the screen doesn’t move at all. Then the game will unfreeze/freeze until I close the game, or it closes itself.”

Evolve Game Won’t Start, you will get this error when you try to click Play on the Steam interface and nothing will happen but you can fix this error with our patch that you can find below.

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