The Top Ten Call Of Duty Games

Whether you like Call of Duty (COD) or not there is no denying that the franchise is extremely popular. Millions upon millions of people from all around of the world have played COD for hours on end. Even if you are not a gamer you know about the COD franchise, that cannot be said for just any franchise. Since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is coming out in a matter of days it is time to look back at some of the previous entries of the franchise and find out where they rank:(Note: We are only going to include the mainline entries to the franchise so Call of Duty: Declassified consider yourself lucky.)

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Intentions1383d ago

Best CoD game would be CoD 4 [imo].
1: CoD4
2: MW2
3: Blops - Mainly because of zombies.

The rest didn't really last long for me.

DeadlyOreo1383d ago

Has anyone played Advanced Warfare yet? If so is it any good? From what I've heard it's actually pretty decent.

Intentions1383d ago

I have mixed feelings. Need to play it a bit more to have a proper opinion.

BrandanT1383d ago

COD2 is the best to me.

CaspuR1383d ago

this is more of a list of best cod stories, than best cod overall.

Majin-vegeta1383d ago

In no order.

1.Cod 2
2.Cod 4
3.Cod 1.

BlackPhillip6661383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

For PC gamers there's no other answer esp those serious about competitive play. Every cod seen these be that server ways or competitive mod ways have been a massive let down.

Console gamers will always have another take. I've always played both and i agree with your take on these games. But i appreciate the console games for what they where as well.

76erz241383d ago

Ranking the post cod4 era COD games I'd go

1) Modern Warfare 2 - Crazy campaign, amazing multiplayer with tons of content, and Spec ops was awesome. It was basically COD 4 but with some new ideas and more of it.
2) COD4 - Maybe the best COD campaign, classic multiplayer that I could still pick up and play today.
3) Black Ops 2 - Campaign was good but it wasn't as well made as the rest of the series. But the multiplayer was the best outside of MW2 and COD 4 with great maps, Pick 10, and really fun guns to use. Worst zombies mode of the series though.
4) World at War - Awesome campaign but didn't have much plot. Multiplayer was basically COD4 in WW2 so I can't really complain there. And it had the zombies mode that started it all.
5) MW3 - Campaign had some of the best set pieces ever and was a fun closer to the Modern Warfare storyline. Multiplayer was decent and well made but didn't change much from its predecessors and got boring eventually.
6) Black Ops - Really good campaign with a lot of variety. But multiplayer was a huge letdown. Bad maps, guns sounded like toys, and all the additions were gimics. Zombies was great again though.
7) Ghosts - The only COD game that I consider bad. Campaign had some cool action but the story was awful. Multiplayer was really bad with poor map design, boring guns, terrible spawns and no interesting changes.

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