Daily Joystick Podcast Episode 183 – Sony is not having a good week

Paul from DJ Podcasts writes "This week on the DJ Podcast Sony seems to be having a rough time with its 2.0 system update that’s causing chaos amongst PS4 owners. In other news, Sony ships 3.3 million consoles but Sony overall continues to lose money hand over fist, plus Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida apologises to fans for the mess that is Driveclub."

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Foehammer1331d ago

Well, you know it's a bad holiday season when the fancies starts talking about 2015 in October.

DeadlyOreo1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

Hang on:

GTAV, Assassins Creed, Far Cry, Little Big Planet, Advanced Warfare, etc. With so many great multi platform games coming out this holiday Sony will do great numbers, the fact is I doubt Sony will even need loads of top exclusives to do good numbers (especially considering the exclusive GTAV marketing) I'm sure somewhere down the line your precious Xbox One will be in a pretty dire exclusive drought, but you'll be nowhere to be seen unfortunately.

By the way, if anyone is a bit bored be sure to take a look at Foehammer's comment history, you won't be disappointed! I just had a great laugh.

OOMagnum1331d ago

This is what I hate. Last gen it was all about exclusives I kept hearing, now its multiplats. I have no problem with people liking what they like. What I have a problem with is people changing the narratives so blatantly to fit their bias.

DJustinUNCHAIND1331d ago

I'm sure yours is much more balanced and non-biased.

OOMagnum1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

Ive owned every console each generation. Buying a Wii U then my Ps4 last since theres no exclusives worth it yet. I played my Ps3 alot last gen because of Socom (500hrs) and I played every other exclusive (except for tlou and Gow Ascension) so you fail.

SoapShoes1331d ago

His precious Xbox One was in an exclusive drought most of the year with a 7 month stretch between TitanFall and Forza. Plus not much in the pipeline after the holidays.

jmac531331d ago

You want to talk about xbox eclusives, let's talk about the 360 and the last few years. I was a 360 owner and you couldn't even count on one hand the amount of exclusives. It was about one a year.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

Can we please start using appropriate tags for articles like this?
I'm hoping for the best for Sony; I hope they recover their losses somehow instead of continuing to lose money, because I happen to like a lot of the games coming to the PS3, and I might even get a PS4 in a year or two.

But if this article isn't specifically discussing the Wii U or other systems outside of Sony[and if the description is anything to go by, it's not], then I don't think it should be in the Wii U section.

Let's get our tags straight, people.

fr0sty1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

A massive chunk of Sony's losses came from the fact that the mobile division they bought into is now worth much less (to the tune of around 176 billion yen if I remember right). All of their divisions have experienced growth, however, despite them still showing an operating income loss. Part of the restructuring process. As long as their divisions still continue to improve, the profits will soon follow.

Look at this chart, and you'll see that other than that 172 billion yen loss on mobile communications, things are actually looking up for Sony across the board compared to this time last year. On the sales front (top chart), even their mobile division is growing.

^For those wondering, G&NS is their games and network services division. MC = mobile communications.

(reference for my claim in the first paragraph below)

"This significant detrioration was primarily due tothe 176.0 billion yen (1,615 million U.S. dollars) impairment of goodwill recorded in the MC segment. As announced on September 17, 2014, Sony performed its interim goodwill impairment test during the current quarter and concluded that the fair value of the MC business has decreased. As a result, an impairment of goodwill of 176.0 billion yen was recorded. This deterioration in the current quarter’s operating results was partially offset by a significant improvement in the operating results of the G&NS, Imaging Products & Solutions (“IP&S”), Home Entertainment & Sound (“HE&S”), Devices and Pictures segments. "

fr0sty1331d ago

^gotta love when you provide references to back your claims and ignorant fanboys throw in the cowardly "nuh-uh!" disagree and then don't leave a comment to back their position, because they know they have no ground to stand on.

marloc_x1331d ago

All the best to Sony. They have a lot of ground to cover..

DaGamingKing1330d ago

The tags are correct, have submitted nearly 200 podcasts here on N4G. The show discusses the news, reviews for Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U, hence those tags are appropriate as we cover the news and review games on those formats/channels.

Hope that clears that up. And its not an article, its a podcast which is clearly defined. Cheers.

neocores1331d ago

I had this problem way before 2.0 i even had my ps4 replaced cuz it did it all the time. Now that 2.0 update is out its happening to alot of people now.

Tuviejacalata1331d ago

This is usual with all Playstation firmware updates. I'm afraid they won't be fixed as quickly as they used to. Sony is not looking to invest or being as gamer friendly as they were before. They are just hungry to grab a quick buck, while keeping their fans hyped on thin air.