Feast Your Eyes on Leaked Assassin’s Creed Unity Gameplay

Hardcore Gamer: Leaked Gameplay of Assassin's Creed Unity.

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Rickgrimes951352d ago

Damn one of the best looking games I've ever seen

Th4Freak1352d ago

So you haven't seen many games huh? I mean dont take it wrong, it looks great but saying that its one of the best looking games, I dont know.

Aloren1352d ago

Are you serious ? how many better looking games can you think of ?

Dudebro901352d ago

Troll troll troll your boat gently down your agenda.

Th4Freak1352d ago

-> @Aloren Far Cry 4, Sunset Overdrive, Lords of the Fallen, Infamous Second Son, Ryse: Son of Rome, Bloodborne, Killzone Shadow Fall, Dragon Age Inquisition, Metal Gear Solid V, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, The Witcher 3, The Order: 1886, Final Fantasy XV, Dying Ligh.

There are plenty of games that look better, again AC Unity looks great, there's no denying but I don't think that its ONE OF THE BEST looking games out there.

-> @Dudebro90 So i'm a troll because i'm saying that it looks great but its not on the top? Awesome logic.

Aleithian1352d ago


I'll give you some of those, but Ryse, Halo, and Dying Light don't look better than this.

And Aloren's point doesn't accurately reflect what the original commenter said. The original claim was just that this is one of the best looking games he/she had seen. This is entirely compatible with those games you mention looking better. But you accept that in your comment implicitly, so I'm not really disagreeing with you.

Anyone who says this game doesn't look good really needs their eyes checked. Ubisoft has pulled off an amazing presentation with AC:U. Graphics are great, and Paris looks alive and massive. Very, very impressive work, even if it is a downgrade from what was shown.

Aloren1352d ago

@Th4freak Well, imo, when you have to pick more than half of your 15 or so examples among unreleased titles, and when the rest are very much a matter of opinion (eg I'd give your Ryse or the order but not sunset overdrive, DAI, or KZ SF), I'd say the game still qualifies as one of the most beautiful. My point is that it's not like there's dozens of better looking games.

@Aleithian, I'd say my point reflects the OP's opinion though, I don't wanna speak in his name, but I doubt he meant "One of the best games I've ever seen" as "Well, I haven't seen many games but among the few I've seen this one is one of the best looking", so you may feel Th4Freak was implicitly accepting his opinion when he said "So you haven't seen many games huh?", but I personally thought that came out as a bit condescending.

Anyway, note that I'm not disagreeing with Th4Freak either when he lists some games that can be considered better looking, but when I look at this gameplay footage, I still have a hard time thinking Unity is not up there with the bests.

Rickgrimes951352d ago

So assassins creed can't be on that list? Paris built on a 1:1 scale with incredible detail took them a year and a half just to design Notre dame far cry 4 looks amazing but I think AC will have more detail and plus how do you compare third person games with first person games?

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georgenancy1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

choppy frame rate,animations are top notch!game looks good

Matt6661352d ago

It looks good, F**k knows why people are complaining about it, I can't wait to play it

Aleithian1352d ago

The graphics have been downgraded from the initial footage, which bothers a lot of people, particularly those on PC/PS4. The parity scandal is also feeding into it, as it the Watch Dogs fiasco.

But to me, this game looks beautiful. There were a few small complaints I had about the graphics in the video, like Notre Dame's roof texture and the drop in quality on the other side of the Seine. But these are MINOR complaints. Overall, the graphics were very impressive and a definite jump over AC:BF.

The crowd size was also wonderful. I don't know how much it will impact the game, because I've always thought that AC managed to incorporate a decent crowd anyway. I suspect they want to show off some 'big moments', like the seizing of the Bastille, and that's why they opted for massive crowds. Maybe 60fps would have been better - I don't know.

But overall, I'm very impressed with the way this looks at the moment. Won't be getting it early due to DA: Inquisition, but from what I see I have no reservations in buying it eventually.

My one BIG question is how much of Paris is hidden behind that fog in the distance. Paris was a massive city even in 1789, and if they really are going almost 1:1 scale then the map will be unreal. If the rumors of it equaling the entire area of AC:BF are true, then Paris is going to stretch for miles behind that fog.

Metallox1352d ago

The promotional videos were much better. Now Paris looks so pale, like if it needed of a passade of colors. And the crowd seems to be composed by the same people. Still, looks cool, looking forward to it.

SnotyTheRocket1352d ago

Get your eyes checked. It looks exactly the same.

Aleithian1352d ago

It doesn't look *exactly the same, but it's still excellent. Here's a number of areas that have been downgraded:

- reflections/glints
- atmospheric particles
- textures (visible on Notre Dame's roof in this vid)
- building models (e.g. slate roofs were far more 'bumpy' in the original shots)
- character model complexity

Game still looks amazing in my opinion, and the downgrade is nowhere near as much as what we saw in Watch Dogs.

Systemshock21352d ago

Typical downgrade stuff from Ubi, though it will be my first of the series thanks to Paris revolution.

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