Alien: Isolation fills up the quiet space that keeps Resident Evil so scary

Alien: Isolation’s apex predator, that two-mouthed berserker freak, isn’t the smartest xenomorph around. Stuck behind an overturned hospital bed while H.R. Giger’s monster paces hungrily around in front of you? Just toss a flare into the opposite corner of the room. The dummy will go crouch over it like a stoned freshman in front of a Lite Brite. The thing is startling when it wrenches open a locker to eat you or when it oozes saliva down from a vent above you, but that’s just because of the raw, animalistic threat it poses. It’s nerve wracking, but not necessarily scary.

Fear—real, knuckle-sweat fear—comes not from the alien’s face but the noise it makes.

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Mkai281237d ago

I don't get it, Aliens isolation scare factor dims down over time because of the sounds of the game gets familiar? It's called adapting, I'm glad I got used to the noises from the synthetic alien. It made me finally come out the locker and move on..

You have to realize resident evil focused on " surprise jumps"( dog jumping out window) ( zombie busting through door) that's it, it's two different approaches.. A big mansion is going to be quiet with slow zombies and low moans.. A space station with all kinds of tech, cameras, loose pipes, vibrating vents, and a freakin unstable nuclear reactor is going to make constant noise. In fact, that alien when he is in the vents is a great help, you can hear it when he is above the ceiling or when he is far away.. Sound is the key in Aliens Isolation, that's one of the main aspects of isolation. Good luck playing it without sound!

Speaking on gamplay , I wish Resdent Evil took some of these aspects from isolation and outlast. Resident evil turned into a left for dead action type game, they aren't scary at all.