Alien: Isolation Versus The Evil Within

Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within, from Sega and Bethesda respectively, both hit shelves within the last few weeks and deliver on the holiday-appropriate scares in decidedly different ways. One will have you clutching the controller in fear, jumping at sounds, while the other will have you mashing at buttons with your eyes closed. Both definitely deliver on the goosebumps and the frights, but which one is actually scarier?

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76erz241386d ago

I prefer to fight the horrors attempting to get me in games.... So Evil Within would be my choice.

shadow18spirit1386d ago

Alien isolation was scarier but the evil within was more fun , so neither.

Akuma2K1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

For a TRUE survival horror experience, Alien Isolation blows Evil Within out of the water.

The enemies in Evil Within you can run from but in Alien Isolation if you try to run your asking for mr stalker Alien to find and kill you, because the Alien A.I. is smart as hell and even so much faster than you are and this makes the already panic and fear inducing atmospheric tension that much more unbearable.