Best Buy Video Game Deal Gives 50% Bonus Trade-In Without Requirements

Techtorial: Best Buy is now offering 50% trade-in bonus to video games without conditions for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

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Krypto_Joe1352d ago

Downside is the dropped all of their trade-ins by around 30% Titanfall was going for $15 on XB1, now it is $11. Diablo 3 on XB1 was 31, now it is going for 23. Watch_Dogs was 15, now it's 12 and so on and so forth.

jjonez181352d ago

Good catch. Will definitely keep my eyes open for better deals. I still gotta trade-in GTA V and NBA 2K14 for GTA V new gen and 2K15.

spicelicka1351d ago

Nothing beats the absolutely crazy deal last year where bestbuy and futureshop let you trade in literally ANY 360/ps3 game for battlefield 4, assassin's creed 4, and Cod Ghosts on 360/ps3/wii u.

I traded in xbox live arcade hits that came with the system 7 years ago and it worked XD.

Jag-T10001351d ago

I was gonna trade madden 15 for Xbox one this morning, it was $35. I get to the store and its $25. Later on I checked again, and its back to $35. Around 4pm the price was $25 again. Right now, 10pm, its $35 again. I think the price goes down as soon as somebody tries to trade it in.