I think general interest in Call of Duty is waning

"As a result, some analysts are saying the upcoming entry won't halt the downward spiral of the franchise. Now, a few things: First, I don't believe CoD could every completely disappear, and second, I understand that the production values for every fresh CoD installment are through the roof (as evidenced by the new live action trailer). And you could make an argument that lower pre-orders are a result of neither Infinity Ward nor Treyarch developing Advanced Warfare. Sledgehammer is new and people don't usually like new, especially the casual crowd."

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Newmanator1389d ago

I think you're wrong - I've seen much more positive reactions here on COD-hating N4G for this game than I have any other. And I know it will still sell more than any other game this year.

Rimgal1389d ago

That's because COD is not the cool thing to hate anymore, Destiny is.

decrypt1388d ago

COD will carry on to sell well. Its because

Console gamers.. Cant get enough of COD.

All COD needs is a fresh coat of paint year on year, consolers will gladly line up to buy the same game over and over again.

Rimgal1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

I'm pretty sure it's not just console gamers that buy COD. COD has a pretty big community on PC.

And about the fact that COD is released every year, it's just like FIFA and Assassin's Creed and Madden. They release every year because there is a market for it, and there are people who actually enjoy the game enough to buy it. And if there are gamers that don't like the game, then my advice it's just don't buy it, instead of moaning about it.

decrypt1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )


Check Steam most played games, No COD has been on that list for a good while.


Now check any of the consoles, its a certainty COD will be on the top 5 list.

Rimgal1388d ago

Just wait for tomorrow, and you will see a lot of PC gamers playing COD. That I can guarantee you. Because every COD sell pretty well on PC, just Like Battlefield. If COD didn't sell on PC Activision wouldn't release it, just like they are not releasing on the Wii U. So you can blame console gamers all you want, but PC gamers are exactly the same.

HammadTheBeast1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )


Are you forgetting how hyped up PC gamers get over Battlefield? (ignore the mass generalization, I'm just making it to prove that decrypts point is useless.)

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Massacred1388d ago

That has a lot to do with Advanced Warfare and the attitude they've taken. Wind the clocks back a year, Ghosts was getting tons of hate.

The fact that Slegdehammer has listened closely to what people wanted, implemented suggestions from the fans and community speaks volumes. I will always be in support of developers who do such things.

Newmanator1388d ago

Yes the key word in here was 'listen.'

nX1388d ago

+ a 3-year dev cycle instead of 2
I don't hate CoD if it's done right... and this seems to be done right.

3-4-51388d ago

* This has that feel of when COD3 made the jump to COD4:Modern Warfare.

Or at least that is what I'm feeling from all the trailers and the small amount of gameplay I've seen.

* COD needed a nice breath of fresh air, even if it's not what EVERYBODY wanted.

COD:AW is going to be better than ghosts, and that right there is enough reason for most COD fans to buy the game.

* Eventually they were going to release bad game (ghosts), and people are reacting to AW based on a past game that isn't AW.

* COD:AW once word gets out that it's actually a pretty good game, people will go buy it.

I know a lot of people who skipped the last game so they've had a year to scale back their FPS playing and now are wanting to play some COD again if it's good.

I'm just hoping the maps are good. I've only seen the Detroit Map in actual gameplay but it looked like a lot of fun.

Can't wait to play this later.

scark921388d ago

I disagree... Especially with the Feel of COD3 to COD4, this looks like BO2 with jetpacks.

ashen1221389d ago

this is like the 5th article saying cod is waning

1389d ago
Intentions1389d ago

Advanced warfare veteran is a joke.

StrawberryDiesel4201388d ago

I don't think interest is waning, the real fans always want more. I think COD became super popular and like anything, casuals and sheep followed in droves to what was popular and the thing to do with friends at the time. They have since moved on...

aviator1891388d ago

I think general interest is about the same, more or less.
the console generation transition, however, is working against cod sales for the moment. I'm sure it'll be up and about once the transition stabilizes.

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