Top 10 Headsets for Xbox One

GamerBolt: "There’s no point in mincing words here, the purpose of this list is simple – to provide you with an inventory of no less than 10 great headset choices to go along with your Xbox One."

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colt-of-tipton1054d ago

These are all stereo headsets your much better buying headsets with surround sound or simulated surround . i use TB xp510's on my xbox one they sound awesome of course you need to to purchase the stereo adaptor for chat .

n4rc1053d ago

Getting the turtle beach stealth 500x.. Once I can find them anyways..

$229.. Wireless DTS headphone 7.1 with fully wireless chat. No adaptor.

ImHyjack1053d ago

I have 500x got um 4 days ago I think they are sweet. I had the XP 400 for my 360 but I don't like the wire for the One these are plug and play no wire just great sound. Over all I think they are worth the price $229 just because they are wireless but truthfully I would have to have them longer to give a detailed review. 4 days in I'm all smiles and would say early review 8/10 and that's really just because of price

Joker351053d ago

There are some good headsets on the list, but they forgot the best company for gaming headsets… Astros! I love my Astros on my Xbox One.