All Sixteen COD Advanced Warfare Prestige Emblems Released

SteamFirst: We have an image which features all sixteen of the prestige symbols for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. My personal favorite is prestige 2 featuring the skull. Which of the prestige's looks best to you?

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The93Sting1385d ago

cod 4 prestige emblems was, and STILL, the best bar none.

urwifeminder1385d ago

Never got prestige in a single cod usually moved on to something else half way there , some kids like collecting stickers though.

Kidmyst1384d ago

I prestiged sometimes but mostly liked to level up the weapons and not reset those. But I'm sure when I install the game tonight on PC they'll be prestige level 1's running around having played all day. The only reason I ever prestige was to unlock more class spots, I like a variety of loadouts. If they had 10 to begin with I'd never prestige.

ThunderPulse1385d ago

My little Pony is 15th Prestige

Alicornium1385d ago

Nothing wrong with that ;D

ThunderPulse1385d ago

People seem to disagree with that Brony statement you made.

ZombieKiller1384d ago

I like the idea of a prestige. It helps balance the higher levels so everyone isn't running around with the same stuff. It was a clever idea and I'm glad COD has stuck with the formula through the years.

Let's hope AW is as good/better than the other games!