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"When I first bought Bayonetta 1 back in 2010, I thought it was the best game I had ever played since DMC3. It was the closest an action game could come to perfection and I thought nothing could be better in the genre.

I’m so glad I was wrong because the sequel, Bayonetta 2, is an improvement in almost every way and has undoubtedly become the queen of the action genre."
-Modern Mage Reviewer, Lydon Da Rocha

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Deadpool6161207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Will she allow it?

Bayonetta's Response -


I refuse to even look at this game. Being i cant afford a wiiU for awhile

abradley1207d ago

Seriously! Not only have you failed to mention what could be improved in the game but giving it a 10/10 is stating that it is perfect, which when you think about it, no game is perfect as that is impossible.

This is the reason people don't review scores seriously anymore as people just use them willy nilly.

captainexplosion1207d ago

A 10/10 does not mean something is perfect. Why even have a scale that goes to 10 if it is impossible to achieve a 10 like you said?

IQUITN4G1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Clearly 10/10 doesn't represent perfection but an indicator. I could find a couple things regarding how the first Bayonetta faltered just a tad, but It was so exceptionally great and deserving of the highest grade. Certainly it represented the pinnacle of the genre and thus a 10/10 was warranted

tinkypop1207d ago

Love this game,
One thing i would love is a full length Mech game.
Bayonetta Mech spin off or dlc for more Mech chapters.
Thank platinum for making the wait for star fox unbearable.

Ka7be1207d ago

Going by metacritic scores I think WiiU has the best exclusives. Isn't that right xbox fanboys?

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