San Andreas Re-release is the Android Port

The re-release of GTA San Andreas for the Xbox 360 is actually a port of the Android version of the game.

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TheHotSwede1137d ago

Crazy how far mobile capabilities have come!

GarrusVakarian1137d ago

It looks and runs like dog crap...

user56695101137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

looks better than the ps2 and xbox version. better than nothing, if you really though the was going to do a remake then you was dreaming.

Joey_Leone1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

I don't know what to call it, but has anybody ever noticed on the android versions that there's no clouds or fog? It completely ruins it for me too see stuff being removed instead of being improved from the previous versions. Technically the PS2 version is better than this, and that is unacceptable.

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1137d ago
WeAreLegion1137d ago

Why not a PC version port?

MetroidFREAK211137d ago

Lol a port of a port... Makes sense... Rock star is so lazy haha

hazard17remedy1137d ago

Oh My... Now i know why there's so manu bugs... U.U Damn

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