Horror Games Aren't The Scariest Games

"I don’t find horror games anywhere near as scary as the very real terrifying things that just kind of… happen in some video games. I mean, have you seen Skyrim‘s living mannequin glitch? Heard the legend of Minecraft‘s Herobrine? Stuff is messed up.

It’s also one of gaming’s greatest strengths, something no other medium can do. Allow me to explain. The short version is, “it’s not a glitch, it’s a feature.”

Given that it’s Halloween, I thought I’d spend the day getting in the spirit by watching creepy video game stuff online. Before long, though, I diverted off the straight-and-narrow of people scream-vomiting up lungs to Amnesia, PT, and Alien: Isolation and followed links to stuff that was downright… weird. Games doing things nobody ever intended for them to do."

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persona4chie1174d ago

Of course they aren't, minecraft is the scariest game ever.

ColeMacGrath1174d ago

Alien Isolation begs to differ.

OhMyGandhi1174d ago

I agree with the author in some ways. Of course, a game labeled "horror" ought to be more terrifying then one that is not. But there are certain games, that when things go wrong, makes for an incredibly disturbing experience.

I forgot which Tony Hawk it was, but I remember playing a game of HORSE with a friend on the N64, and it was the school map. Well, for whatever reason, there was a weird glitch where if you tried to grind around the area with the loading docks near the back, you'd be knocked off your board, and dragged down the incline, into complete darkness. And then it was the other players turn. I remember joking with my friend that it was some monster pulling us off our boards to our death. And for a game with no supposed paranormal occurrences, I found that odd glitch to be incredibly disturbing.

But is it scarier than Alien Isolation or Amnesia or Silent Hill? Hell no.

sonicsidewinder1174d ago

People who've only just played Alien Isolation...

Casuals who probs think Slenderman was a big deal and have never heard of Penumbra or Amnesia.

scark921174d ago

Agree, Penumbra Collection is on Sale now on Steam for an amazing price! Anyone interested in a great horror games should get them out!

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