Updated numbers show PS4 with at least 65 percent of two-console market

Last week, we waded into the somewhat murky waters of console sales number reporting. Our estimate was that Sony had at least 59 percent of the market share in the battle between the PS4 and Xbox One. Since then, newly released numbers, plus a new look at some assumptions about the Xbox One market, have us revising Sony's share of that market upward. We now think it's in the 65 to 67 percent range.

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The93Sting1357d ago

*Greatness Awaits*

2015 will be the PS4's showtime!

xHeavYx1357d ago

The PS4 has been dominating with no problem, just imagine what will happen when the big games (UC4, the next GOW) release

scark921357d ago

The Last Guardian will blow us away I reckon! I expect the game will be announced again soon.

BiggerBoss1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

A God of War on Ps4 would be incredible, instant system seller, at least for me.

OT: its kind of strange that they didnt include Wii U in this, because doesnt it technically have more marketshare than Xbox One atm?

NatureOfLogic_1357d ago

PS4 will continue to dominate with superior third party games at 1080p and the largest library of games available when compared to Xbox One. MS is hoping that the holiday hype will give Xbox One a US moral victory. They don't stand a chance worldwide and 2015 will be even worse for Xbox One.

Griever1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Great for Sony, PS4 and its fans. Sony really needed a hit product like PS4. Maybe the PS4's success will also help give a new life to the Japanese games industry and we will start seeing more Japanese games this gen especially, JRPGs. I think PS4 has secured its position as the market leader this gen with that kind of lead and market share. The superior multiplatform performance and the proven track record of great exclusives till the end of the generation is the factors responsible for PS4's success.

TheRedButterfly1356d ago


You need to learn the difference between "market share" and sales figures.

Letthewookiewin1356d ago

I can't wait to see what's in store for December. Trying really hard not to get overly excited but dam it's hard not too.

mikeslemonade1356d ago

And yet the haters keep using the same old excuses. When you got so much of the market share, your excuses are not valid.

When the Denver Broncos beat a team 40 15 there's no "ifs" or "ands" about it. Ya got beat down, okay?

chrismichaels041356d ago

Congrats to Sony on the PS4s continued success. Fanboys speak loud....but gamers wallets speak loudest.

ashcroft1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )


I think The Last Guardian on the PS3 was not in their plans. They were too ambitious with the game and realized the PS3 was very limiting.

I'm betting it will come on the PS4, pissing off PS3 owners.

remixx1161356d ago

Thay already anouced the last gaurdian was ps4 exclusive, after the whole "cancelled" debacle right before e3.

Hardcore_gamerxbox1356d ago

U mean downgrade uc4 and gow ?

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TheWatercooler1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

I have been saying all along that the PS4 lead is greater than 2 to 1. These xbone figures are way to generous. Microsoft should just go ahead and say what their sold through figures are.

It must be the shame that is stopping them from revealing them

PS4 is absolutely crushing the xbone and I keep hearing of this supposed fight back. Where is it?

Third parties will be making games only for PS4 soon

Kribwalker1356d ago

Lol, the only way third parties stop supporting MS is if MS leaves the buisness altogether. There is too much money flowing through MS to stop supporting

SoapShoes1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

We've already seen that with certain games. Bound by Flame, Dynasty Warriors Extreme Legends, Samurai Warriors 4, Guilty Gear, MotoGP, MXGP, and several F2P games such as FF14 and Kingdom Under Fire II. If the gap keeps widening we will see a lot more skipping X1.

TheNew11356d ago

The only way they will make games only for the PS4 is if Sony pays them.

Gamer19821356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Unfortunetly your wrong they wont make games for Xbox 1 as PS4 has the massive marketshare. Last gen it was like 54% PS3 46% 360 (its how ps3 caught up in the end) so making for both consoles was a no brainer as you didn't know where it would sell better unless it was a shooter of course.
However thanks to the big gap that keeps getting bigger you can save on development fees by skipping the xbox one. Sure you will lose sales but it may outweigh the development costs/time in a day where every penny helps. It's all down to those decisions made by men in suits.

Microsoft have to pay for exclusive content as developers do lose that massive sales difference choosing xbox one over ps4.


I hope both consoles do great. Why would someone hate a game machine with a passion ? I understand someone wouldnt buy one but dang man. Its just a box . And its fun just like ur almighty godly investment you prraise. That said,,,,i dig my ps4. Writing from it right now :)

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DJustinUNCHAIND1356d ago

You wait for that. I'm enjoying the Xbox one's Showtime in the present and the future.

voodoopickle1356d ago

funny, I watch showtime on my tv without the xbox one. funny how that works

Muzikguy1356d ago

I hope some of that greatness includes better servers and performance! I'm excited for SE of the games coming out, but I won't be online if the network keeps going down

Pogmathoin1356d ago

Its like seeing a porno for the first time here! Greatness erupts!!!

DLConspiracy1356d ago

I hope Sony adds the consoles sales report figure button to the controller this gen so we can share it on twitter and Facebook. It seems to be more popular than exclusives.

SoapShoes1356d ago

Having steady exclusives throughout the year is just one of the reasons it is doing so well.

DLConspiracy1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )


Clearly this was a joke. Its the "superior" console. Seriously though think about how many people would use it though.

JDM720921356d ago

I'm so excited for anyone that made the move to a Sony console this generation to get a chance to play Uncharted. Whoever they are, they're in for a treat.

jmac531356d ago

I'm excited for it and hope they release a remastered Uncharted trilogy.

Gamer19821356d ago

I could see an uncharted trilogy coming next year on ps4 and looking at TLOU it's gonna be glorious..

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1356d ago

Hopefully, a completely NextGen Last Of Us sequel will come out. That would drive PS4 sales through the roof.

BX811356d ago

Yeah waits... Imo xb1/wii u have a better selection than the ps4 right now. Like u said 2015 might be the year the ps4 shines. I really hope to see a heavy rain 2 plus uncharted. Sony really has a deep catalog, they just haven't put out much so far.

Gamer19821356d ago

Better selection?? I think it's still dealers choice on the selection. All 3 consoles have exclusives that are VERY differnt than you can find on other consoles. No console stands out with exclusives bar Nintendo who have to be about them since 3rd partys have dropped but people want current gen not old gen.

BX811356d ago

I agree its all about personal choice. I dont consider my opinions to be fact lol.

badvlad1356d ago Show
sebzhd1356d ago

Xb1 is dead in may 2013

jrshankill1356d ago

"Greatness Awaits"

I am still awaiting a fixed PSN service.. still awaiting a killer exclusive... still awaiting features that Xbox One has had since day one.

The first true next gen experience has came from Sunset Overdrive. New, beautiful and addicting. I feel sorry for the PS4-only fanbase who is missing out on this game. Ah well, you all have uncharted 4 right?

The93Sting1356d ago

" still awaiting features that Xbox One has had since day one."

What features are we talking about here?

oh and by the way, PS4 has a remote play. now with 2.0 update we have something called share play.

so.. what features xbox one has again? please enlighten us with the phenomenal features.

WilDRangeRfc1356d ago

Don't bother wasting your time this site is full of deluded Sony fanboys who hate anything Xbox and praise Sony and each other while kissing each other's arses with their hate,on here PSN is better than Live Sony have better games ( utter BS ) DS4 is way better than X1 controller and Sony are successful making tonnes of money while MS are thinking of selling Xbox because they are broke,this site is a fucking joke,well reality is coming and it's gonna be karma when Sony die,then and only then will these deluded morons see what's really going on,I have all but sold my PS4 Failclub was the last straw,and the smug Sony community helped with the decision

spacedelete1356d ago

i've been waiting for greatness for almost two years now. i got conned by a next gen console just to play higher resolution last gen ports.

MRMagoo1231356d ago

The new consoles havent been out a year yet maybe basic math isnt your forte.

VforVideogames1356d ago

*Greatness Awaits*
you can say that again......and again..........and a

frezhblunts1356d ago

Hmm is this legit? From many sites I keep checking xbox one has only sold in the 5 mil. Even on this site I find articles stating less consoles sold

xtremeimport1356d ago

I like what I've seen from MS within this first year.
They have been having their butts handed to them month after month, but they are constantly trying to improve their system.

Sony, is out in front comfortably but I hope they dont get too comfortable and forget to continue to bring updates to the system. They NEED to take care of their server issues. Either system or dedicated game servers. They simply can't allow another launch like DriveClub and can't allow the network to stumble when they release big system updates.

Should be in for an interesting ride no matter what happens, thats for sure!

Zeref1355d ago

Lol. If PS4 is so superior then why did it only get YouTube yesterday. Why is there no snap mode?

Xbox will destroy PS4 this holiday. $250 Xbox One+Game. It's over bruh.

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Manic20141357d ago

"Earlier this week, we also got updated numbers from Nintendo, showing that the Wii U has shipped 7.29 million systems worldwide since launching in late 2012"

Lol VGchartz has it around 7.4million Sold to consumers.

Eonjay1357d ago

Wait so they have the Wii U selling more than it shipped?


Concertoine1356d ago

Actually nintendo's data is about 4 weeks old. So vgchartz isn't far off.

FarEastOrient1356d ago

ArsTechinca is using shareholder reports that are also given to governments for accountability and tax purposes. In this case VGChartz is still incorrect

Realplaya1356d ago

That number was as of September but were now in November.

Manic20141356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Numbers still don't add up, there still will be a large amount Vgc has over tracked. Wii u should be around the 6.8 - 7 million region.

Blackleg-sanji1357d ago

Damm did anybody expect this gen to start like this i mean i knew it would be a lead buy this!!?

kneon1356d ago

Actually it's going pretty much as expected if you looked at any of the many surveys that were going around before launch. They were predicting sales of 2 to 1 in favor of the PS4, and that is what we are seeing.

SmielmaN1356d ago

I think MS, EA, Crytek, and Insomniac thought it would be MS with the lead

TheNew11356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

I think Insomniac wanted to keep their IP, because they were always with Sony in the beginning, so why would they think like that now?

captainexplosion1356d ago

I'm a huge Insomniac fan and I think they made the right choice by going to Microsoft. It sucks for them the XB1 hasn't sold more, but at least they finally have the rights to one of their IPs and Microsoft advertised the hell out of the game. Something Sony wasn't willing to do.

Why o why1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

That last 3rd where ms relied on 3rd party devs rubbed many people up the wrong way last gen.....the so called bankrupt ridden sony produced not only more games but ones of a higher quality all the way until this gen started... Ms were too busy counting that moolah their fans were bragging about....true pimps. Add that to the whole botched reveal and messaging, subsequent siliences, weaker hardware, forced camera and higher price and its no surprise the x1 is behind.. many who migrated to the 360 moved back to sony this gen.

Out of sony and ms, sony just made the least fcuk ups by a substantial amount.

mediate-this1356d ago

Lol, your post has ignorance all over it, like regular Joe's care what company buys exclusive game for x system.

Ps4 is doing good because micro fumbled out of the yard with forcing kinect and trying to force drm.

And the failed broken 360s people dealt with.

Why o why1356d ago

Yeah, cheers, I forgot the rrod.....Not too sure what the eff the rest of your comment was implying. What exactly am I being ignorant of?

I think you've mistaken my 3rd party comment. I mean relying on multiplats NOT 3rd party exclusives. I said that because ms released almost no exclusives during the last 3 years be it 1st, 2nd or 3rd party. You compare the output to sony over the same period and you'll fully understand the point made.

DLConspiracy1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Omg I am so excited to see sales report. Probably the most fun I have had in years. Forget playing games. When we can watch console sales reports. These sales reports are the best. I feel like my team is winning and I want to cry. God I love corporations.

Edit: what I meant to say.edit.

Just kidding. Its a little surprising but it seems like its a 2 to 1 ratio for awhile. I think this gen I am more surprised that Sony has not added the sales reports to the share button on PS4 yet. That way we can share it with our friends on Facebook.

torchic1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

it isn't illegal to play games all day long and read a "console sales article" for a few minutes in the same day you know.

rainslacker1356d ago

Before MS screwed up with all the DRM stuff, I thought it'd be a pretty even race, with MS probably leading by a bit in the US and the UK. As soon as their DRM and always on policies were confirmed, I knew they weren't going to sell as much as Sony, and I even thought they gave Nintendo 2nd place on a silver platter.

If you look far enough back in my comment history, I called MS incredibly stupid and naive to think they could have a successful console, and even before the confirmations I said MS wasn't stupid enough to have something like that as it would mean it would be DOA.

Since the changes, I thought it would still be Sony in the lead, due to the bad feelings the original policies left in place, and let's face it, no matter how much some may want others to believe that's not an issue anymore, it definitely is among some customers.

X1 is actually selling better than I thought it originally would though, it just kind of pales when compared to the PS4, which arguably is doing better than everyone thought it would. Overall, MS is on track to outsell the 360 if they maintain the current pace, although they did dip in sales a bit in the summer, but I assume they'll return to normal, or improve, once the holiday games start coming, and if they can manage to have a solid release schedule going forward.

Copenhagen1356d ago

MS has stopped selling "as fast or faster than the 360" for awhile now so that crutch can't be used anymore. Fact is with the new $50 price cut and one or two games added in MS is losing money on every box sold for a two month moral victory in the US for the holidays that in the end still won't help them.

f50liv_imposter11356d ago

duh he wouldnt expect it. it was a long time coming after the ps3s success in the end of its life cycle. playstation will always be better than nintendo and xbox

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kalimero21357d ago

PS4 13.5 million shipped LTD
xbox one 7-7.5 million shipped LTD

in last 6 months

PS4 6 million shipped
xbox one around 2.3 million shipped

over 250% more

darren_poolies1357d ago

Correction, PS4 SOLD through to consumers. X1 shipped.

BiggerBoss1357d ago

The 13.5m figure is shipped though, iirc.
So the actual sold number is probably north of 12 million as of October

Dewitt1356d ago

They are both shipped, Sony has no clue how many consoles have been sold through and they are definitely not sold out everywhere.

wodan1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

i remember in march the gap was something like 2M now its 6-7M and that's with MS doing a lot of thing, lowering the price, crazy bundles(the titanfall bundle-the fifa bundle both games were free)while SONY was only releasing games and no crazy bundles just imagine next year when they release the heavy hitters.

CaptainObvious8781356d ago

Honestly, after MS dropping the ball last gen with exclusives, forcing kinect, insulting gamers everywhere after getting pissed off that nobody wanted their draconian DRM...

... I'm surprised the gap isn't a lot bigger.

Mikey Mike1357d ago

If this keeps up... X1=Dreamcast

Concertoine1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

The xbox one is no where near that position. Sega had to abandon the DC due to financial instability, whereas MS is fine with money. Also the Xbox One isn't selling bad enough that MS needs to abandon the platform. In fact the smaller loss on hardware means that it has more potential than either of the other xbox's to make MS money. A Halo, Gears, etc. hasn't even been released yet.

The fact that some people are getting off on the demise of a console, the loss of many jobs, and thus the questionable future of software planned for the console is ridiculous. The Xbox One doesn't have to "beat" the PS4 to make money. MS' main priority should be to make profit on a historically unprofitable section of the company.