Star Citizen’s Fantastic New Screenshots Videos and Renders Introduce New Ships, FPS Module and More

This morning Chris Roberts and his Cloud Imperium Games had a presentation at PAX Australia, where they introduced quite a few new elements to the Star Citizen universe.

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BABY-JEDI1331d ago

See if I had a super computer. I would get this game as it looks ridiculous (in a good way). Awesome looking game, keep up the good work
; [)

Stapleface1331d ago

Well according to the GPU testing that was done recently you don't need a super computer. You can run this game at 1080p, 30fps ( I think those are the important numbers now days) with a 750ti. Of course that's not final build or anything. I expect it to be even more optimized at release.

BABY-JEDI1331d ago

Now I'm well tempted. This & the whole VR experience will be pretty amazing.