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Gamers Sphere says: "Overall, this game is an impressive entry into its genre. It passes from tense moments of horror to stretches of pulse-pounding action in ways that might daze you the first time through. Bloodthirsty and challenging as hell, you’ll be glad that you spared the funds for this game..."

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ape0071053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

i love this amazing game

if capcom acquired this team along with the remaining resi talent working at capcom, giving them dat nextgen deep down engine, giving them time and creative freedom....... we would get a modern day masterpiece of a game like what resi 2 and 4 were at the time

JohnHeatz1053d ago

The question might be...will Revelations 2 be that game?

ape0071052d ago

nah revelation is good but nowhere near resi4 good, it feel bland, doesn't have that old school vintage gold atmosphere/design of past resi games

belac091053d ago

i am having a lot of fun with this game. i play it almost as much as FF 14. amazing game.

ramza041053d ago

Great review. I just finished the game the other day and loved every minute of it. Intense, scary, and just a great overall horror game.

Mister_Audrey1053d ago

The Evil Within is forgettable. Absolutely forgettable.

Muzikguy1053d ago

Especially if you don't play it.... Amirite?!

I'm just kidding lol

ape0071052d ago (Edited 1052d ago )

one of the best games on ps4 imo

Muzikguy1053d ago

Another great review.... Awesome! I'm off tomorrow for the first time in 2 weeks so I'll be playing this game! Only on Chapter 8 right now and I love it!

stalepie1053d ago

This one really seems to be a love it or hate it affair.

JohnHeatz1053d ago

I've seen a lot of different opinions in regards to the game, and I kind of agree with you there

ShaunCameron1052d ago

So far, TEW is in the high 70's and low 80's ratings-wise.

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