COD: Advanced Warfare Old vs New Gen Image Comparison Reveals A Generational Leap In Visual Fidelity

GearNuke: "Check out an image comparison between previous gen versus current gen version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare."

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Ka7be1383d ago

Its like 720p vs 1080p.....

joab7771383d ago

I wanna see this vs. Ghosts to see just how much better this new engine is.

From what I have seen, it's just looks like CoD.

UltimateMaster1383d ago

That game will look awesome in 1080p.

mikeslemonade1383d ago

Try playing it on your big screen. The last gen versions will look more inferior while the current gen is suitable. Most of the people talking all this crap haven't gotten the system. You may not see it in a 3 inch picture but it's a considerable difference on my 46 inch screen.

bouzebbal1383d ago

it's more like resolution difference.. there is not a huge gen leap for me.

Black_Adam881383d ago

should it not look like cod?? maybe it should look like puzzle fighter

DeezR1383d ago

Not new updated engine, in basics still the same engine as call of duty 1, but so far updated there's is not much left of it.

kenmid1383d ago

What does that even mean? What is suppose to look like.

inveni01382d ago

Saying, "It still looks like COD," means that it still looks subpar. That's what it means when something looks like COD. Apparently it's become a reference point and not just a game title.

I think it definitely looks better, but it's still subpar compared to the other FPS juggernauts.

kenmid1382d ago

@INvene, give me some names fps juggernauts that's a annually franchise that looks some much better then COD?

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TheWatercooler1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Which isn't noticeable according to alot of folks around here. SMH.

So PS4 performs next gen call of duty at 1080p and 60fps yet xbone is still only at 900p? What happened to all this additional power that Microsoft has unlocked /s

Dannycr1383d ago

I've been seeing a lot of streamings in the PS4 app and to be honest it doesn't look that impressive.

For some reasons all weapons sounds really similar.

ZombieKiller1383d ago

It IS an increase in power! 720p to 900p! LOL.

They really should have stuck with xbox720....

Whatever, MS did this to themselves. Let's just hope it runs smooth on all platforms for the sake of the gamers.

FanboyKilla1383d ago

@watercooler isnt you comment a troll comment? Im confused. It is bashing xone. There was no need for it. It didnt bring anything to the conversation. Just checking, next time i address a sony fanboy, pleeeeeeeease remember this obvious troll, what is exacly wrong with the gaming industry and media statement. Provided by none other than a playstation nation loyalist.

ziggurcat1383d ago


uh... you can't take what you've seen on a streaming app to be what the game actually looks like.

a) it's only streaming at a max of 720p


b) you're at the mercy of whatever quality settings that person has set for their stream via ustream or twitch.


c) it's CoD - did you really expect the devs to put any effort into the sound effects for their guns?

BoriboyShoGUN1383d ago

Danny is right, just watching these streams and the game looks pathetic!!! Obviously the graphics cant be fairly judged but the color wasn't even impressive. And the game-play is the same tired garbage with some new gimmicks!!!!I'd steer clear gents!!!!!

cell9891383d ago

Lmao!! At your name, brings memories

ramiuk11382d ago

well it was running at 892p,now its 900p

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Muzikguy1383d ago

I didn't see a "generational leap" in those pictures. It looks better than Ghosts though, I'll give it that

user56695101383d ago

its like a blurry jagged turd vs a clear picture of a turd.

Fanci1382d ago

It grinds my gears when people say stuff like that. You can barely tell the difference between resolutions. Nothing i'm ever going to care about unless I have a super microscope.

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Haru1383d ago

1080p on PS4 and 900p on xbone

hello121383d ago

Good for PS4 not going to hate on it 1080p is better than 900p but 900p hasn't been confirmed yet, for xb1, haven't seen anything from Sledgehammer yet?

The best COD players in the world play the game on x box 1 and thats not going to change. Resolution doesn't change that dynamic.

Haru1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

It's written in the article at the bottom "the PS3 and Xbox 360 appear to be running at sub-720p resolution versus native 1080p on the PS4 and 900p on the Xbox One."

Master-H1383d ago

"The best COD players in the world play the game on x box 1"

I lol'd.

illAmpRefugee1383d ago

it might change if these sales stay like they are. btw its not like u only play good players in every match on xbl or everyone is mlg all the sudden if they own an x1 no u will play ur occasional trash and good lobies on both systems. so really ur point doesn't matter very much cus only a small percent of players on xbl are even REAL mlg and the chances u run into a real mlg in a lobby are verry very slim

GarrusVakarian1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

"The best COD players in the world play the game on x box 1 and thats not going to change. Resolution doesn't change that dynamic."

What a strange thing to say....

Like, why would PS4 gamers care about that?

Are they supposed to think: "YES, we get the better looking game...but damn, I wish I was playing on the platform with all TEH PROZ!" after reading your comment?

Or is an Xbox gamer supposed to find comfort in the fact that they play on the platform with the best players after being disappointed that they have the "worst" looking version of the game?

It's just a really strange thing to use as a "victory" point, imo.

(And btw, you have absolutely no way to prove that the best CoD players are on the X1. Just because Xbox sponsors CoD events, it doesn't mean the playerbase is better).

ZombieKiller1383d ago

Considering last year though, no news is probably bad news. They probably don't want to reveal resolution until sales are in full flow. AKA NOT GOOD!

NoDucks1383d ago

The best CoD players play on Xbox because of the far superior controller

dantesparda1382d ago


And? and prove it.


The PS4's controller is far better then the X1's. Plus its also got way more than the X1's controller, like the touchpad, speaker and you can listen to the game sounds through the headphones and the light for motion gaming.

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death_gun1383d ago

thanks god there are still some decent developers out there who don't sell themselves for some cash

Mini0510_131383d ago

the thing is though. it's not the devs. It's publishers like EA, Activision pushing dead lines.

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IRON883 1383d ago

Should I get it for the ps4 or xbox1?

Angerfist1383d ago

For X1. New Maps release earlier.

D3TH_D33LR1383d ago

If you're impatient that's one way to think about it. Funny how stupid shit like timed exclusives will determine your $400 console choice. Priorities!

Neo_Zeed1383d ago

PS4 because sniping is better in full HD.

NoDucks1383d ago

X1. First to get DLC and better controller for FPS

badz1491383d ago

PS4. you can take screenshots while you're at it. :-)

shivvy241383d ago

I would recommend getting it on the console all your friends play on. If you don't have friends(lol) then get it on PS4 since its at 1080p but if you can't wait a month for dlc then xbox1

IIFloodyII1383d ago

Go with the one your friends are going with.

lategamer1382d ago

Console with your friends & the controller you prefer.

DLC will eventually be on PS4 (first on X1), IQ will be a bit more cleaner on PS4 (because 1080P).

kenwonobi1381d ago

The best version is the cleanest version. So graphically the Ps4 gets the best version of every game.

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NukaCola1383d ago

When is the push for not building a game crossgen? I get the market value, but either use a porting dev team or start making currentgen multiplats already.

the_hitman30001383d ago

Actually High Moon Studios ported this game for last gen.

Sandy_Claws1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

"Haru + 6h ago
It's written in the article at the bottom "the PS3 and Xbox 360 appear to be running at sub-720p resolution versus native 1080p on the PS4 and 900p on the Xbox One."

--- Uh, yes, this July X1 footage is in fact 900P. Do you realize that it's 3 months old, and was BEFORE the X1 gpu resource boost?

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Sm00thNinja1383d ago

My copy shipped yesterday playing on Xbox One this is my FIRST COD since modern warfare 2!

tgunzz1383d ago

I will be picking up my console bundle tomorrow at 9pm at gamestop (so excited)... I was only getting it because of sexy the console/controller looks (oh yes 1tb hard drive), but the more I saw footage of the campaign, the more I became excited for this game. It looks super intense, and thrilling... I can't wait. Game on.

ape0071383d ago

it might not be on CoD 4/MW2 level but this damn cod looks very good and polished as hell plus the gfx are out of this world

Allsystemgamer1383d ago

I'm playing through it right now. Graphics are good not amazing. Good for a COD game. However there's a significant drop in graphics in multiplayer.

Ashby_JC1382d ago

I skipped the last few cods. I'll be getting this.

Being that it releases yearly..I don't want to get fatigued. So skip a year or two keeps the series fresh for me.

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soul-assassin-1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Played halfway in the campaign this afternoon, really enjoyed it . Looking forward to getting my copy.

Krakin11383d ago

Halfway? Is it really short then?

soul-assassin-1382d ago

No sorry , what I meant is I played in the shop ,the owner said the level was approx half way into game. So I carried on from there :)

Intentions1382d ago

Yeah it's short, completed it in 6 hours on veteran.

Perjoss1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

I dont see the point of this

oh wait I see it