VGS - Sunset Overdrive Review: 1 Part Resistance, 2 Parts Liberace, 2324 Parts F’en Awesome

Have you ever wanted to bounce on a car while slinging vinyl records at hipsters gone zombie? You can do that and SO MUCH MORE in Sunset Overdrive.

VGS speaks to the Project Lead Marcus Smith on what this Xbox One exclusive has to offer and why gamers around the globe, should pick it up. 9/10

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christocolus1356d ago

Great job Insomniac, great job.

Guys you all need to go out and get this game. Its fun and very very addictive.

urwifeminder1356d ago

Good to see they are working on a fix for matchmaking still have not played online at all as none of my friends own it , but loving the single player the traversal is so fluid when you get to know the game amazing indeed.

PureSophistry1356d ago

Also if you listen to the interview, you'll see...the guys who made this game are INSANELY hilarious