2K talks bans, removing gamer tags, outdated championship belt and WCW arenas in WWE 2K15

2K talks about bans in addition the possibilities of removing gamer tags, changing the outdated championship belt and adding WCW arenas to WWE 2K15.

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snowbi-wan1387d ago

I'm beginning to think wot the reason was that they held back the release date of the new gen version?!? Surely they wud of had time to include the new WWEWHC in the game!

metalgod881387d ago

Surely you would have had time to fix your terrible spelling before you hit submit!

ABBAJESUS1387d ago

I have a feeling that this game is going to be disappointment..

Makkanchor1387d ago

i agree dude i have pre ordered this but im not sure if i should cancel it or not so far remasters of ps3 games onto ps4 keepn the console alive

snowbi-wan1387d ago

Who are you like my English teacher?!? jeez! If your just on here to criticise people, then do one!
yeah I'm still buying it but there are just a few things that I dislike! The whole title thing and the fact that Ambrose and rollins are still in their shield gear! I know you can edit superstars which is good but I hope they have both their current themes and trons in! The shield have been split since June and the cut off period for 2K is apparently August!!! come on 2K!!!

metalgod881387d ago

I am in fact not your english teacher, but if I were, I would tell you to use some periods once in a while. =P

snowbi-wan1387d ago

and if I were your sex education teacher I would tell you to go out and get laid mate!!