Feature: How Has the PS4 Fared in Its First Year?

Push Square: "It’s been a funny first year for the PlayStation 4. Sony’s next-gen format has smashed sales records all over the globe, but the positivity that punctuated the platform’s launch has been replaced by an air of unrest over the past few weeks. The question is: has the system’s success paved the way for the fickle to pick fault, or is the manufacturer really starting to burn through its early goodwill? With its first year anniversary rapidly approaching, we’ve decided to take a look at the pros and cons from the console’s life so far – in school report form, of course."

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Fullmetalevolust1300d ago

It has been a major beast and it continues to sell strongly, I'm sure it has gone way beyond Sony's expectations and we can only expect amazing games to come out for it.
Sorry to speculate, but knowing Sony's history with delivering amazing gaming experiences, it might just bring about some innovative games like the ps2 era.
I want to see both western and eastern (japanese,etc...) develop games for it and release it in multiple markets.