Sega Restructuring Game Business with Online Games at its Core After Soft Demand for Packaged Titles

Sega Sammy Holdings posted its financial results for the six months ended on September 30, showing a rather significant reduction in operating and net income (which was in the red) compared to the same period last year, also announcing a radical restructuring of the game business.

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Fullmetalevolust1136d ago

I don't know what that spells for future releases in the west, but if they do go digital for the most part, it'd be easier to find a translating team to provide subs for digital release.
It seems like a less risky business model and Sega isn't about taking risks nowadays.

FarEastOrient1136d ago

How about actually releasimg games to the west. There are quarters with 1 or zero titles published to the west.

sonypsnow1136d ago

Sega Phantasy Star Online 3 probably incoming!

Date_Um_Sage1136d ago

"We don't make money in that area"

Then try?
Just look at nintendo trying their hardest no wonder Sega went down.

jukins1136d ago

good ole sega still hanging in there. gotta give it too them. I hope this just means less focus on retail and more on digital distribution and not less games overall.

Dannyh1136d ago

I hope they start releasing more HD version of Saturn and Dreamcast games on Xbox one and ps4 like they did on Xbox 360 and ps3

Fullmetalevolust1136d ago

You speak my language, I'd pay full price for HD versions of Saturn titles like shining force 3, dragon force, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Burning rangers, etc...

Baka-akaB1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Lol you withold half your games for the west of the world , release the other half without proper timing and sensible promotion , and you wonder about soft demand for discs ?

majiebeast1136d ago

Yeah the incompetence is amazing. They pretty much sabotage all their big releases. Yakuza PS4 was the perfect opportunity to reintroduce people to the franchise in the west, not many games to compete with and an exclusive. Still no PS2 release in the west. List of SEGA's blunders is endless.

DeadlyFire1136d ago

Yakuza is still likely to release well on PS4 in the west. Its possible they go with a silent digital release to save money on production though.

Baka-akaB1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

How is is likely ? They skipped one main game already , and the launch ps4 spin off (and the ps3 launch spinoff , and the psp games). I think you're underestimating Sega's idiocy .

And it's part of a ongoing story and saga . They know they can't just pull a Namco Bandai and just skip Tales games that are too far behind , and not even sequels to each other , to catch up to the latest releases .

Anyway the gist of it is , i already went the way of japanese imports , and from the look of it , hell will freeze over before they get their act together , and stop pretending we need a petition or twitter show for each new game

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NeoGamer2321136d ago

Sega games for the past decade have been mostly meh...

They have to do less, and do what they do good more and better...

HentaiMasterRace1136d ago

The localized Sega games have been meh, while the ones in Japan.....

DualWielding1136d ago

Football Manager still delivers each year, best sports franchise

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