Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Graphics Comparison – Xbox One vs Xbox 360

HereToEntertain Brings us a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Graphics Comparison on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. There is a noticeable difference but the Xbox 360 version still looks solid. The Xbox one has more feeling and emotion, facial features and lighting effects.

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BigShotSmoov0071300d ago

But it falls behind the X1 clearly

The93Sting1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

yeah in terms of graphics, motion blur and lightning, it still plays and feels like a typical cod game.

Jughead34161300d ago

The differences are pretty drastic. But the 360 version still looks cool.

Foehammer1300d ago

It's very impressive to see a 9 year old console looking so good...

but clearly the X1 has a huge advantage

jc121300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

honestly, I didn't think the 360 version would look this good. I really don't see a HUGE difference between the two versions. Sure, the textures and lighting are better on the one, but that's about the extent of it.

I really wish this generation of consoles were slightly more powerful.

Kingthrash3601300d ago

Trips me out how they compare this gen vs last gen ....or consoles vs PC. Its never a surprise result.
But I guess its a "you should upgrade" thing.

TAURUS-5551300d ago

and the xbox1 fails behind the PS4 clearly

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TheWatercooler1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

Now lets see what happens when it's compared to the definitive PS4 version.

@Roland82. Because of it's supreme performance compared to the 900p xbone version

roland821300d ago

Is the ps4 getting more content? Why would it be the "definitive version"?

Macdaddy711300d ago

It's going to look the same as X1!!! You know that,, if they push it any it will be like a lot of ps4 with a lot of tearing

kickerz1300d ago

I think some needs to pour that water cooler all over your head

Griever1300d ago

Come on man, no need to start an advanced warfare over here with that kind of comment. Be classy.

marloc_x1300d ago

I really do hope someone puts the two side by side with no titles. A vote as to which is which would be interesting indeed..

BigShotSmoov0071300d ago

Lol another one bubbler fanboy that comes in, says his one and only comment and leaves lol. Oh how we need guys like you in gaming.

TRD4L1fe1300d ago

there is always that one guy

lfc_4eva1300d ago

It's the mayor of Troll town.

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Genuine-User1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

360 version looks good for its age but lets not forget that it's sub HD.
This game is a graphical showpiece on X1 & PS4, it looks really good on current gen. Can't wait for my copy this Monday.

Roman3mPiRe861299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

I'm sorry but I disagree. I've had the game since Friday and the graphics on ps3 look like in between ps2 and ps3 graphics. Not sure if this was on purpose to say the difference between current Gen and last Gen is significant. It could be like titanfall, where the game itself just ddnt have great graphics regardless of what gen. However advanced warfare feels very fast paced and fun. So my guess is that it will definitely be better than ghosts and mw3 but in between bo1 and bo2. Just my honest opinion.

Now I havnt had access to the ps4 version to see any difference between graphics personally but like I said it could be that is the same thing like with titan fall where it just ddnt have the best graphics it could've had. But I still think advanced warfare will be a lot of fun.

Summons751300d ago

Besides the xbo looking smoother and clearer they look exactly the same...but I remember Activison claiming this was the best looking game on the market, more advance than anything the old system could do...typical cod, typical crap

jcole971300d ago

Therefore they don't look the exact same. Look at the attention to detail and the amount of things happening on screen.

Summons751300d ago

No I'm saying the xbo is brighter clearer. It still looks and clearly plays like the same crap we've gotten for 8 years.

shloobmm31300d ago

are you kidding? just look at the smoke and particle effects and what not. They arent even close. Check your eyes bro

Sandy_Claws1300d ago

Exactly the same besides smoother and clearer? What about the lighting? It's pretty different between the two versions...

Trekster_Gamer1300d ago

So funny, the statements saying COD same crap. The almighty dollar drives everything and COD outsells most games every year. So the millions of COD fans are wrong and the statement same crap is right??

I love the COD franchise and I don't want them to change it too much, It has a fun immersive storyline, awesome multiplayer and that is why it's sales put most every game to shame each year.

If the game was crap it would not sell, PERIOD.

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Sm00thNinja1300d ago

Wow go 360 still got juice

the_hitman30001300d ago

360 version looks good for its age. However the improvement on the new gen is clearly visible. Characters have a lot more detail on them, same with the environment. It's good to see that the new gen definitely got a good improvement.

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