Is Bayonetta 2 GOTY? Nintendo's 2015 Wii U Games, Smash 3DS Bans for 136 Years? - WiR 11/1/14

Welcome to an after Halloween edition of Week in Review! Join Shawn as he breaks down what Wii U games are coming from Nintendo in 2015, whether or not Bayonetta 2 is Game of the Year, a strange Smash ban glitch, and much more!

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mikeslemonade1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

In regards to Bayonetta 2, nope it's not game of the year. I'm going to even go as far as it's overrated. I've played enough of the game to know that it's not even better than B1 in a direct comparison. The levels are too large and wide open. The pacing is just off. And there's too many generic boss battles where you just float around the screen and fight the boss.

rhap1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Like I said before, it's good, just not THAT good. The lack of options in the Wii U added to the usual crowd of fanboys the Nintendo is got makes it looks astonishing while it's just good.

I played it at a friend's house and had some fun, but I remember having the same (or more!) fun playing many other action games, recent or not. Maybe it's the best action game of the year, but I wouldn't say it's the best game of the year overall.

jholden32491385d ago

I think it's THAT good. Without a doubt.

But I don't think it's my GotY, only because DKC Tropical Freeze has that honor. I could try be politically correct and choose a game on another console just so people don't think I'm biased, but I just didn't play any games on any other console this year that could measure up to those two. Best PS4 game I played this year was Infamous, and the best X1 game I played this year was Sunset Overdrive. Best 3DS game I played this year was Smash Bros. Best Vita game I played this year was Freedom Wars (unfortunately that's not saying much, this was a horrible year for Vita). All very, very good games. But not as good as DKC or Bayonetta 2.

Concertoine1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Wow, what a cruel mindset. Wii U gets a great game and people only claim its received as such because of the platform. Glad i can man up and admit when a console that previously uninterested me (Xbone) gets a solid game (Sunset Overdrive).

Fanboys arent the one reviewing the game. Maybe action games just arent for you. But then again you lost any credibility as soon as you said you just played it at a friend's house.

I say this as someone who doesn't like the "GOTY" label on anything.

kwandar1385d ago

I'm not sure of game of the year, but I am sure that it is better than B1 in a direct comparison, that I do like the large levels, and that most of the industry seems to agree with me.

Night, night Mike.

FanboyKilla1385d ago

@mikeslemonade lol yup, you do sound sour. From your comment about bayo2, i sense you havent played it, or just plain hating. Probs cuz you were one of the many screaming die wii u. Bayonetta GOTY hands down at this point. There is still cod and ac. With that said, bayo2 is sitting pretty. I forgot about smah bros. Could that possibly have a chance?

Walker1385d ago

How a game can be GOTY without story ?

Metallox1385d ago

I don't understand why a game does need a story to be good.

LaWiiG1385d ago

I think you should look at it in respect to the genre. Platinum Games is an expert in the genre.

Geekman1385d ago

Agreed. All anybody care about these days is Story and graphics. They might as well just watch a movie.

Summons751385d ago

What did you just look at the box and not actually play? I remember a story and amazing gameplay and is just plain addictive. The definition of a sequel to improve what was good from the last, take away the bad, and add in something new and different.

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PrimeGrime1385d ago

I honestly don't care about GOTY titles, as nice as they are, they're no different than a persons opinion. Not everyone will think a game is worthy or not everyone will like the same games anyway. So to me, the reward is somewhat pointless.

Yet something else for moronic fans to bicker over. The game is good and that's all that should matter.

N4g_null1385d ago

Very true. I'm wondering when gamers stopped being gamers. Why do we need awards for others to know bayo2 is the best action game out.

DougLord1385d ago

Very possible. I would LOVE to see Nintendo get GOTY to shut up Sony fanbois!!!!

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