PlayStation Vita TV Value Pack gets big discount in sale

The PlayStation Vita TV Value Pack, which is region free in addition to coming with a DualShock 3 and 8 GB memory card, is available at a reduced price of $89.99.

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UltimateMaster1381d ago

90$ something that was 140$ bundled and 100$ not bundled.
Cool, really worth the 2 week wait.

theshonen88991381d ago

FYI minimum shipping for US is over $16. Not a good deal for folks who don't need controller or memory card.

CiliCanadian1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

For Canadian it's 100$(can) + a bit over 18$(can) shipping. Duties may or not be applied (no way to predict, same item order from this site will sometime get it applied sometimes not) which would add about 18$ (can) if you get dinged.
So 136$ (without Lego Movie game - this combo DOES not include it =) vs 138.99$ + 18$ taxes (with Lego Movie) from online (free shipping).
So you save 20$ if you didn't want Lego game.
If as thenonen8899 said, not a good deal if you didn't want the controller. You probably break even if you just wanted the memory card.

AutoCad1381d ago

so this means its struggling in sales right,bc it seems people on n4g complain about price cuts.

TomShoe1381d ago

To be fair, no one really expected it to do gangbusters anyway. It's basically the guts of a Vita put into a micro-console.

uth111381d ago

Great price, but Reading all the reviews that say it doesn't do anything particularly well still make me unsure I should take the plunge

Ju1380d ago

It's lacking. It could be so much more. Unfortunately. But I like mine. At least I figured out how to get Hulu Plus working through remote play from the PS4. Now I can watch something on that thing in my bedroom. The WiFi remoteplay is a piece of crap. Not sure why that is so bad - because it works just fine on the Vita (same setup). But with a 64GB card and on a wire it is quite usable. Now, I hope Netflix and Hulu (and maybe Amazon Prime?) will get an update to support it natively??? Sony????? If that's your priority, FireTV or GoogleTV is probably the better alternative.

And, someone please patch UC:Golden Abbys and Unit13!

uth111380d ago

My priority is remote play. I want to be able to use a second TV in the house, but not if it's too laggy.

I can give wired ethernet to the ps4, but wiring the the room with the second TV is trickier.

Ju1380d ago

PS4 on WiFi isn't the problem. PS TV is. I tried all possible combinations. As soon as the PS TV is on WiFi it lags. Now I have the PS TV on a wire and I can play my games just fine. PS4 is back on WiFi because I can't see a difference and I don't have to run a wire through the house.

jmac531381d ago

I'll buy this when Sony fixes remote play. It's been super laggy since the last update.

tweet751381d ago

the playstation tv should be bundled in a pack with ps4 and vita for $400. Thats how sony should do it.