Here's How the Xbox One is Going to Steal Christmas

PS4 has tons of momentum right now, and Smash is sure to give Wii U a boost, but Xbox One will be the big winner this holiday season.

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Walker1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

In your dream, maybe :)

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joab7771357d ago

Lol. It will be a good Xmas for xbox. And it is true that Sony doesn't have anything crazy in comparison. But, what it does offer is better experiences on almost every multiplat title. Then, in Q1, comes the Order, Bloodborne, etc.

I hope MS does well to keep pushing Sony. Though one thing he omits here, which will be HUGE is the Playstation Experience Press Conference in December. Many are saying it will be bigger than E3. We will see, but the announcement of just 1 game and gameplay from upcoming games may be enough to counter Master Chief.

qwerty6761357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

"better experiences on almost every multiplat title"

you do realize that most people dont even notice those small graphical differences when playing right?

true the early games were a little wonky but now that the devs have had time with the new hardware these minor differences don't matter.

DanteVFenris6661357d ago

@ lot of people don't care about exclusives either or games for that matter just buy it because it's in or friends have it. On that note lbp3 will probably take the crown in my heart, I don't even think anything next year can beat it unless uncharted makes some big innovations, blood borne is funner then I expected or no mans sky or the wild release

dirkdady1356d ago


You do realize that most people want the best for their money regardless of how much a difference there is. Xbox one save ddr3 general purpose ram vs the super fast graphics memory Gddr5 is big enough difference in most people's mind when looking at the prices to go with the ps4 as sales numbers have proven already.

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jspsc1231357d ago

2 yrs ago the wii u was under the tree. last year the ps4. this year will be xbox.

DanteVFenris6661357d ago

All my parents gave me was a corpse to stab... Hehehe but that's all I wanted😳

FanboyKilla1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I dont know if it will outsell its comp, but it will out perform any console. Lets be honest at this point its all about xone and wii u. Ps4 is done untill 2015, and thats just talk at this point. Remember all the blah blah? Now look at their fan base, peeking over the fence at the other guys. Talk is cheap.

Just think about it..... we are waiting on bloodborn and the order. Just like we waited on drive club. Bb and the order are fillers. We want uc4, 365 days away. We want more games from you with uc quality. You can tell sony is in a mess, its the only time they stfu.

Let me guess, another exclusive announcement is comeing. So my present from sony this christmas is a raincheck for next christmas. I wont hold my breath.

Sure ps4 is selling better, but unless you are a shareholder, that means squat. The best games on ps4 are on xone and then some.


WII U Mario 3d world, Mario kart, bayonetta 1&2, high rule warriors, SMASH BROTHERS,Toad Treasure something, sonic boom, donkey kong country.

Xone Titanfall, dead rising 3, forza 5, ryse, fh2, sunset overdrive,halo mcc, ori, ki season 2

PS4 knack, killzone, infamous, drive club. Wowzers!

Lets throw tlou in there too. I forgot about it just like everyone else.

Muzikguy1357d ago

Why is it people always insist that sales mean nothing unless you're a shareholder? Sales = support. Do people just selectively forget that? Better multiplats, more time on ports, better optimization, all of that is what comes from higher sales... And then some

nX1357d ago

Damn georgenoob is that you? Or is it truefan1? In any case, we need delusional people like you on N4G, thanks for the laugh.

Clarence1357d ago

Such anger. Xbone is on its 2nd price drop. Titanfall didn't help, Sunset Overdrive won't help. The PS4 has this gen on lock.

mayberry1357d ago

Killzone is the BOSS! Just in case you didnt know! MP is amazing! As always with gg!

pitzy2721357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

First of all, let's make your exclusive list accurate.

PS4: The Last of Us Remastered, inFAMOUS SS, LittleBigPlanet 3, Transistor, Resogun, Killzone SF, Driveclub, Knack.

XBO: Titanfall, dead rising 3, forza 5, ryse, fh2, sunset overdrive,halo mcc, ori, ki season 2

You made a lot of fair points in ur post, but u let your anger get the best of u at the end and your agenda showed.

You listed every one of XBOs games, including Ori, but you intentionally left out some of ps4's. First of all, LittleBigPlanet 3. Obviously ridiculous to leave out a major AAA release. This is my most anticipated release of the year alongside inFAMOUS SS.

Then you also omitted Transistor and Resogun. These are two of ps4's best games. Transistor is one of the best games I've played in a long time, and for me tops any exclusive on either XBO or ps4. Resogun is also fantastic.

Ontop of all that, you talk about TLoU Remastered like it doesn't deserve a mention, yet it has ALREADY outsold every one of XBO's exclusives other than Titanfall. And it's close to achieving that as well, despite releasing 4 months later.

So it's 9 major exclusives on XBO compared to 8 on ps4. I think XBO has done a great job this year with exclusives, and they deserve props. I still would choose ps4, hands down, though. The Last of Us, Transistor, LittleBigPlanet 3, inFAMOUS SS, and Resogun make ps4 more than worth it. The only games on XBO that interest me are Ori and SO. Ori does look fantastic, though. I'm jealous over that one.

macusa221356d ago

You also forgot FF14 and MLB the show 14

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SilentNegotiator1357d ago

Xbone hasn't outperformed Ps4 all year (despite ps4 having "no gud gaems")...why would it start now?

We keep seeing articles about how Xbone and Wii U are primed to overtake the Ps4, and never with any solid indications.

Joey_Leone1357d ago

LOL if this was VGCHARTZ, you would have been banned in seconds.

sebzhd1357d ago

Right, M$ will loose this Holidays, this Christams, this year, year 2015 and all days after.
xbone will not see year 2017.

Magicite1356d ago

In US and UK, maybe...but no chance in the rest of the world.

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mikeslemonade1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Nope. That's all just speculation. When you look at the trend the PS4 is outselling either console by more than 2:1 on a weekly basis. A price drop and bundles won't carry them over gap. Especially when PS4 will have bundles too.

Worldwide sales as of last week:
PS4: 287k
X1: 127k
WiiU: 45k

KarmaV121357d ago

What will PS4 bundle with?? Little Big Planet?

Blackleg-sanji1357d ago

Um far cry 4? Grand theft auto? Little big planet 3?

scark921357d ago

I am gonna get that bundle personally

NegativeCreep4271357d ago

So this speculation is largely supported in faith that the Call of Duty Xbox One bundle will tip the scale?

Buh buh I thought everyone Hated COD???

CaptainObvious8781357d ago

And I think people really underestimate that GTA PS4 bundle that will be released soon.

I have no data to base this on, but I believe uneducated parents that are stupid stupid to do their research have a good chance of picking up said bundle. Which is fortunate for their kids, because I believe it's the better console.

user74029311357d ago

They aint stealing jack shit

ABizzel11357d ago


EU is completely dominated by PlayStation and there's nothing Nintendo nor MS can really do to change that. Their only chance of winning is NA for MS, and JP for Nintendo.

NA is the biggest market, but a win there still won't be enough to make up for the gap in EU and JP numbers for MS.

JP console market is too small to make a huge difference for the Wii U in comparison to the PS4 on the WW scale, and although Smash will do huge numbers for them, not even MK8 could stop the PS4 and with a Far Cry 4 and GTAV bundle for the holidays the PS4 shouldn't have too much trouble holding off both console once again.

CaptainObvious8781357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I think the xbone will win november in the US with halo, but if it doesn't than ms really will be in panic mode.

Although I'm not looking forward to all the 'MS has turned it around' articles we'll be getting, based on one region on one month of the year.

TekKing1357d ago

With what, Halo ports? Even Wii U has a better lineup.

Big_Game_Hunters1357d ago

Matter of fact Wiiu has a better lineup than PS4 too LOL