Microsoft's Excitement for Xbox "Never been Stronger;" Spencer Proud of Studios & Server Performance

Phil Spencer gave a bird-eye view of what's happening at Xbox, expressing his pride on how things are going and the confidence of the company on the Xbox brand.

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dragonyght1236d ago

lol you old Spencer you. i see what you did there. keep it classy keep it classy

mikeslemonade1236d ago

Just to touch base on the server and the UI. It's still slow compared to the PS4. I downloaded add-ons for Sunset OD and it took a while for the downloads to que up and finish downloading.

UI still is too slow from the update. Remember how the PS3 was constantly looking at the "loading wheels" spinning? That's how the X1 is now. You gotta wait the extra few seconds everytime you open something.

nicksetzer11236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

Yea, we all believe you... despite your wonderful comment history.

I have never seen these "slow" ui functions you speak of, snapping snaps, home button goes home, pretty much everything works pretty much instantly.

shloobmm31236d ago

its lightning fast, not sure what you are talking about.

BigShotSmoov0071236d ago

You lie that's why you have one bubble.

ABizzel11236d ago


I agree, almost everything loads on XBO, even the simpliest of things such as checking messages or sending them, and getting updates seems to be more annoying then they need to be, and sometimes it doesn't even recognize there's an update available. Then I run into problems like losing audio in parties and have to do hard resets moreso than I've ever had to do before on a console.

It's not rage inducing, but it is annoying.

bleedsoe9mm1235d ago

my opinion from hibernate to startup xb1 is faster than ps4 , going from game to game and game to app the xb1 is faster .the ui of the ps4 is faster to navigate with a controller . for whatever that is worth .

donthate1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

My Xbox One updates in the background with no issues and everything loads pretty fast.

People with problems might have internet issues considering Xbox Live is on the worlds second largest and best cloud.

My PS4 on the other hand has massive issues loading the store, not sending invites, not loading friends list and so on. If you doubt what I am saying, then perhaps one should look at the recent PSN woes and DriveClub.

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TheWatercooler1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

Unfortunately for Microsoft it's consumer excitement that matters.

1236d ago
nX1236d ago

Pretty funny coming from you since the Microsoft representative tried to built up excitement by calling the X1 "the next watercooler" haha

Multiplatguy1235d ago

But a lot of the consumers who actually bought the console are very happy and excited about it. Spirits seem to be very high for them this Holiday.

The only unfortunate ones here are those that want it to fail.

Muzikguy1235d ago

I'm proud of their servers too. I envy them actually. I'm not paying for Plus for awhile because PSN has been so bad lately

Walker1236d ago

Spencer really is way better than mattrik for xbox division

nX1236d ago

Everbody is better than Mattrick, Spencer knows what people want to hear.

-Foxtrot1235d ago

" Spencer knows what people want to hear "


Why people keep over praising him for doing the most obvious things with the Xbox One and saying what people WANT to hear is silly. He's cleaning up the mess left by Don Mattrick, he's going to do things to get MS back to the top

If they were in Sony's place sales wise do you really think they'd have Rare making a game on a classic IP

coolvibu931235d ago


Kinect sports game have typically always sold more copies and hardware than their previous non kinect games, so your argument kinda falls short

trywizardo1236d ago

MS servers is one of the reasons why im considering X1 , adding exclusives on top X1 might be really the console for me . but im waiting till the end of this year to see witch one got better exclusives and witch one have better apps and services

Angerfist1235d ago

Well, PS4 got a Youtube App just now. Almost a year after the competition.
And on Ps4 you can't run 2 apps simultaneously. Meaning if you browse on the Internet,
once you go back to the game it closes the browser.

On X1 you can play, and keep Internet Explorer, YouTube Netflix etc all open and you can resume at any time.

Games wise we really don't know what might come next year besides the Already known AAA Games.
There might be a few surprises waiting for us.

mochachino1235d ago

You info is wrong. You can definitely keep netflix going while playing a game, haven't tested out the browser or youtube app, but I can't imagine browser not going into suspend mode too.

Athonline1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

You should buy what you feel like it is the best for you and not what the X or Y guy thinks. See what consoles your friends will get if you care about playing online, see what exclusives you want to play more, etc.

In both cases in my view you do compromises, whenever that is a bit of extra resolution on multiplat or weaker online-services. The main issue having to choose is not having access to those quite nice exclusives that both consoles offer.

Just don't loose much sleep over it ;-) Win-win and the way they are heading with the price drops, I bet in 3-4 years you will be able to pick a PS4/XBOne second hand really cheap to catch up with the other's platforms exclusives.

die_fiend1236d ago

Microsoft might feel excitement for Xbone but Sony are feeling better about ps4 this holiday season.

fanboysmackdown1236d ago know about some Sony exclusives that we don't for the holidays? I see FH2, Sunset and the Halo Collection for X1 and a big ZERO for PS4. Only thing my PS4 will be playing these holidays are the multi-plat games.

xavierbigdaddy19721236d ago

So what is your psn id. Need to shoot you a friend request on the ps4.

WeAreLegion1236d ago

LittleBigPlanet 3. You of the most popular franchises of the past ten years. How did you miss that?

thexmanone1235d ago


Yea my 12 year old just luvs that game.

mochachino1235d ago

Multiplats are often the best games so what wrong with that.

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Yetter1235d ago

sorry did you mean to type 'bitter' ?

NewAgeisHere1236d ago

'Proud of server performance'......nice jab at Sony.I have a PS4 and PSN is definetly the weakest link at the moment. It's a great console and exclusives are (going to be) way better (in my opinion of course), but PSN is just a mess.

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