My Thoughts On The Evolve Alpha

Just a personal opinion on the Evolve alpha, listing the good things, bad things, and the massive amount of content that Turtle Rock gives us!

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urwifeminder1381d ago

Images of a toilet come to mind.

NukaCola1381d ago

The idea of 4 players battling creatures in the wild is pretty cool. Basically Left4Aliens... but this looks more like a concept that is being ran with, without all the other things that make a game good like story.

1381d ago
Clown_Syndr0me1381d ago

Going to try again this morning. Played two games yesterday, one as hunter one as monster and both were over in 2-3 minutes. I was hoping for a more epic experience, so will try a few more games in search of that.

isa_scout1381d ago

Yeah my first match we killed the monster in a minute 30... What makes it so much worse though is that you wait 10 minutes to play what amounts to the shortest MP match I think I've ever seen. Then I played as the monster, made it to stage 3, and killed all the hunters. It was fun, but I guess after all the insane hype its' generated I was expecting more. I could see this suffering from the same problem TitanFall had. There just doesn't seem like there will be enough going on in this game, content wise, to give it long legs. Guess it's back to waiting for Halo,UC4, and RainbowSix for me.

Lord_Sloth1381d ago

Yall may be fighting inexperienced monsters then. My brother played 2 matches yesterday and 1 was over in a minute 30 but the other battle lasted about 15 minutes and ended with all Hunters on the ground with a last stand winning the game and killing the monster.

Ps4andxb11381d ago

It's well made.

The only thing that could let this down is the actual concept.

captainexplosion1381d ago

I tried two matches. I had absolutely no idea what to do. There was a giant dome around us the first match. I couldn't figure out how to find the monster. Second match I played as a monster. I could only hit even though I thought you could throw rocks and breath fire. It ended when a dome appeared that trapped me between the edge of a cliff an the dome and I couldn't move. I was really looking forward to this game but not anymore.

Farmassy1381d ago

sounds like you have no idea how to play. that doesnt make the game bad. it just means you are bad at it

Perjoss1381d ago

I think the only thing that could hold this back is if you get someone playing the monster that is not very good and just dies too fast.

Here is a cool 60fps video showing a game that lasts about 10 mins, although they do spend a lot of time running around looking for it...

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The story is too old to be commented.