The Unhelpful #7 in Video Game Reviews

Austin Flynn writes: "The only thing worse than seeing your most anticipated game get a bad score is to see it get a seven. I mean, what do you do with that, right? On one end, you have an eight. A fairly hopeful number that denotes a title with more than just a few redeemable qualities. A game that receives an eight is usually one that's worth buying if you were already interested. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the number six. A number that promises nothing to hyped-up gamers who expect everything. Basically, when a game gets a six it might be good enough to rent if you've really been looking forward to it (anything below is most likely a train wreck), but I feel like a six is a failing score in the minds of most. ...

If games from these two number groupings can be so different in quality and depth, what does this say about the number smack dab in the middle of it all?"

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Evil_Lincoln1232d ago

Well done! It does seem at times that seven is a condemnation of mediocrity.

Harrylikesgames1232d ago

People get way to obsessed over a game's score these days. What really matters is if YOU liked the game!
Props for the interesting article also!