One year after launch, Sony’s PS4 is crushing Microsoft’s Xbox One

Almost a year after the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Sony is holding onto a sizable lead over Microsoft in the home console market.

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Mechanism1298d ago

"Say my name".. "Sony"

"You're god damn right"...

Ballsack1298d ago

From february 2015

Can see sony extending its lead by a considerable margin

AngelicIceDiamond1297d ago

Definitely great for Sony. But I'm looking forward to the games, content, and improved services from these consoles.

Sony's sales are dream come true for Sony and are looking somewhat decent for MS but at the end of day I tend to just sorta kinda play games rather than sales.

Just a little.

chrismichaels041297d ago

It has definitely been an incredible year for the PS4. Congrats to Sony on the PS4s continued success.

miyamoto1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

The PlaySaviour 4 is saving the gaming industry as we speak right now.
Its just getting better all the time. Incredible!

But I have to give credit to all the informed gamers who believe in console gaming and the role of PlayStation. Informed gamers who through word of mouth won the Word War against Microsoft's PR BS machinery during the PS3 vs 360 years and we convinced millions of gamers to get the better deal- the PlaySaviour 4.

The PS4 owes big time to us gamers- the life blood of the platform; believers and faithfuls' opinions and comments about the truth convince the 13.5 PS4 owners to get this wonderful system.

Guess what M$?????

We won! We won!
We won against your corporate media buyout and PR BS!
Us Informed Gamers, Sony and the PLayStation platform.

Long Live the GAming Revolution with the PS4!!!!

turdburgler10801297d ago


Hardly a savior. A exlusive games library that is delayed to next year. A failed psnow service due to pricing. Another failed add on in the form of pstv. Rolling PSN blackouts. A failed update that has been causing more headaches then curing. It's nothing close to a savior.

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ashen1221297d ago

lmao that breaking bad reference has me rolling

joab7771297d ago

This is the best thing that could have happened.

The 360 was built on the backs of hardcore gamers, as was the PS2. But like the PS3, MS got cute with the Xbone, abandoning it's core base for the wider audience, attempting to push us in a direction, instead of letting us help shape the future.

Sony actually took MS'S gameplay w/ the 369 for the PS4 and it is working very well. Now it's MS'S turn. And we have already seen a 180 and Phil Spencer is a great leader.

I havnt yet invested in an xbone simply b/c I havnt gotten over the debacle that was the last 2 yrs, but I do believe they r finally on the right course. Let's hope their initial decisions do not affect them too much.

I do think, as gamers we all win. And by next gen hopefully both teams are on point.

BX811297d ago

You're missing out. I pre ordered a ps4 because of ms's crappy message. After they switched I went back with the xb1! Right now the ps4 just doesn't have the games to support it.

Magnes1297d ago

@bx81 You really don't get tired of trying to scrape that no games crap up off the ground where we throw it do you?


I will have to disagree that MS abandoned the core with the xb1. Their E3 two years in a row have been about NOTHING BUT GAMES. Phil has only been at the job for about 7 months, and last I checked it takes more than 7 months to develop a game. What this tells me is that MS already had the games/gamers in mind, however they wanted to broaden their audience and bring in new gamers with tv features.

d0x3601297d ago

I also disagree about abandoning the core. If anything the Xbox one is the ultimate console if you of you ignore the slightly less powerful specs for a moment. The OS is fantastic and so are the services and all the apps which you fan run while playing games. switching between games and apps and shutting off the system and resuming games and apps instantly is amazing.

Now let's be honest Sony got lucky with specs. It was believed right up until e3 that yields on Sony's ram were going to force them to use 4gigs of gddr5 at which point even with the disparity in GPU power the Xbox one would have kicked the ps4's ass visually due to double the ram.

Sony gambled big time and congrats to them cause it paid off. It's a shame Microsoft was playing it safe this gen with specs but they knew Sony couldn't afford to go all out like before so they tried to match up so they could both break even or make profit on the box from day 1 and they both succeeded.

I'm happy the Xbox is trailing. If you are #1 all the time you have nothing to fight for and gamers have benefited because the Xbox one is awesome with awesome games and the longer its #2 the more we benefit.

Sony has ALWAYS been arogant and even after the ps4 debacle appeared to humble them the moment ps4 was announced the arrogance came right back and that's a big mistake. The ps4 is good but Sony really hasn't done anything since launch to inspire buying one. They have been rolling on hype for a year and appear to continue to rely on fanboys to keep the hype train rolling. Problem is that only gets you so far and if they don't step up their game soon they will end up back in second place.

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Joey_Leone1297d ago

That's the power of Sony people.

breakpad1297d ago

MS is in so desperate position that it will start giving the console for free...(they already began smthing similar giving Ryse completely free)

Pogmathoin1297d ago

Regardless... They said consoles were a dying breed, but they came bursting through the gates and showed they are here to stay! Well done PS4, you made it feel like the buzz from PS1..... MS, lick your wounds and do what you did with original Xbox and show that gaming enthusiasm....

TheWatercooler1297d ago

This is one of the most appropriate article titles I have seen.

Akuma2K1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Who's the master ??!!!

"Sho Sony"

Akuma2K1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )


Yea, "Sho ny" will

SpinalRemains1381297d ago

SONY does the knocking?


TheXgamerLive1297d ago

Well, here's the thing . Would rather have the console with the lead sale or the one with the best games to play?
You boast for nothing.

SoapShoes1297d ago

A big reason it has more sells is having more games to play. It has more in quantity and more higher rated. Xbox fanboys try to hard with the no games crap.

MysticStrummer1297d ago

PS4 has more games and higher reviewed overall lineup, so what's your point exactly?

Magicite1296d ago

Sony is Sony, but
Playstation is Playstation.

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Foehammer1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

So 3 consoles in 100 Countries shipped 19.1m

and 2 consoles in 42 Countries shipped 12.9m


Oh, did put it into perspective, that really upsets the haters.

And what happened to all the hate for "shipped" numbers?

Oh wait, it's just desperation when MS does it, Sony has cart Blanche, lol

Edit @ Neocores and MrMagoo, try READING the article and NOT just the title, then you'll know where the numbers come from and you can then make an intelligent, on topic comment.

nucky641298d ago

I don't think sony needs to tout "shipped" numbers.....their SOLD numbers say it all.

mikeslemonade1298d ago

That's irrelevant to put the other consoles. This is PS4 and X1. 360, PS3, and Vita will be irrelevant and aren't generating much revenue for Sony and MS anymore.

What will you say in one year when it's only gonna be X1 vs PS4. What excuse you make up next? How are you gonna twist it then? I'm sure you will end up twisting the numbers but you know I refute it. So try harder, buddy :)

neocores1298d ago

WHere did u get 12mil for xbox one lol xbox has yet to break to 7 or even 6.5 mil lol
ps4 just announced over 13mil SOLD

Bzone241298d ago

You might want to re-read what was typed. Not sure why you are confused though it is right there that those aren't just Xbox One numbers and the Playstation isn't just PS4 numbers.

Majin-vegeta1298d ago

Lol xbox still hasnt sold more than 5Mil.

TheNew11297d ago

You're an idiot if you think it hasn't passed 5 million now.

FriedGoat1297d ago

We'll never know, Microsoft is too embarrassed to release the numbers.

jcole971297d ago

What? The only people agreeing with you are Sony fans. How do you know how much they sold? Even if they did only sell 5 mil, they are still selling faster than the 360, which means that Microsoft is not doing bad at all. They are just being beaten by Sony in terms of sells.

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MRMagoo1231298d ago

This is about the PS4 and Xbone, so the spin you are trying isnt relevant anyway, but nice try I am sure the other fangirls will agree with you because they have nothing to say, the PS4 is smashing the xbone into bits sales wise.

PS4isKing_821298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

But I thought Xbox fans didn't care about sales numbers and only cared about the "games"?

Yet here you are in a sales article talking about sales. You're strange axios2.

qwerty6761297d ago

whered you hear that?

and plz dont tell me you're using these trolly comment sections as a reference to what all xbox fans think?

jjonez181297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Again, who's fault is it that they are only available in half the amount off territories as the competition?

Ask yourself: Is the demand just not there? Are Xbox One just that hard to manufacture and ship? Is Microsoft's game division not seen as worth expanding?

Sony defenders could paint a similar picture as well. Xbox One is available in China, thus it's available to more people than PS4. Why is it then, that the Xbox One is not seeing a significant, sustained bump in sales?

The truth is at the end off the day a sale is a sale, no matter how large your audience is.

zerog1297d ago

Ps4 still only needs to count its sales for the U.S. and U.K. alone to be beating the x1 in all 40 of its countries. You really hate to hear that don't you? Face it, theres only 1 countriy x1 is winning in by itself and thats china and only because ps4 isn't there yet.

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Physco1298d ago

I have Xbox one so i think it is the best choice

AngelicIceDiamond1297d ago

Nope, the console needs to be selling 1st and like crazy in order for it to be good console.

So the Xbox is a bad console.

Spotie1297d ago

Nope, it needs to avoid controversy from unpopular policies pushed by its manufacturer. It needs to have been built with gaming as its priority, not an afterthought, as evidenced by its reveal. It needs to be more powerful and display that advantage. It needs to have a larger, higher rated library. It needs to have a larger list of upcoming titles, too.

Pretty sure none of these things describe the XB1, so, objectively, the PS4- or Wii U, actually- would be the best choice.

girevik1297d ago

I have a ford pinto so I think it is the best car.

Ps4andxb11297d ago

A recent article states the qty market share between the two consoles is

PS4 65%
XB1 45%

MS is crushing Sony when it comes to money made.

Ill get a tonne of disagrees but I'll say it anyway.

They are closer to even than one is crushing the other.

Chevalier1297d ago

You do realize 65% and 45% is 110% right?!

The real number total can only be 100% so actual numbers are:

Sony 65%
MS 35%

That's close to 2:1 ratio for Sony.

Facts Sony have top sales of consoles and most sold games and almost every 3rd party sells more on PS4. Just look at Ubisofts recent report on sales and you'll see how Sony PS4 dominating Xbone sales. Hell PS3 sales almost matched Xbone sales.

Ps4andxb11297d ago

Oops bad maths.

Unable to edit now otherwise i would.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1297d ago

Xbox division is not making more money than the PlayStation division. Now that Xbox is giving away games and the Xbox One has a price cut, Microsoft is losing money on each Xbox One it sells. I'm sure some will disagree with this statement even though it's obviously the truth.

TheFallenAngel1297d ago

People underestimated the power of the playstation brand.