Driveclub 1.06 Update on PS4 Fixes Nasty CE-34878-0 Crash Bug Introduced with 1.05

Since the update of Driveclub to version 1.05 a couple days ago many users have reported crashes on start-up wit the dreaded CE-34878-0 error code, which normally indicates a corrupt save.

Luckily real help is on the way.

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Walker1232d ago

This game should never be exsist.

akurtz1232d ago


Griever1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Man, there were such high hopes for this game. It is really sad to see it turn in to a disaster like this. it just cant catch a break with the Xbone fanboys and the media having a field day with it. I dont understand what could have gone wrong. They must have been confident about it if they were releasinging it. I dont know what the sales are but they could have been much better without all the negative press.

Speak_da_Truth1232d ago

Ppl like you shouldn't exist. Nice English btw!!!

Sketchy_Galore1232d ago

..l.....uh, I don't think it is.

Sir_Simba1232d ago

That comment should not exist either.

Its frustrating that things still don't work properly, but I enjoy the game. It is still unacceptable.

TheWatercooler1232d ago

Thanks for the input jeff.

This game works fine now. Glad they got out this new patch so quickly

Blaze9291232d ago

@Walker it doesn't. At least the free PS+ edition; it's a myth and famous urban legend amongst teens.

ChrisGTR11232d ago

The reviews were so bad plus the fact that its only European cars turned me off to the whole game. I don't even care about if it ever does come out. Gimme grand turismo next gen

Aceman181232d ago

actually there is an american car in the game its the worlds fastest production car the Hennessey Venom

MRMagoo1231232d ago

it was at over 70 on meta critic last I checked, how is that bad reviews?

OB1Biker1232d ago

Ha! almighty reviews.. I swear some people checking a review after a game they already played and enjoyed will change their mind and find out they didnt enjoy it ..after all because it doesnt say 9 at the bottom

Ka7be1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

@OB1Biker! Well said!

BF4 released and got review scores of 8s-10s lol. Not one reviewer called anything out. The game got a free pass in the press, the exact opposite of DC.
This shows how credible teh all mighty reviews are!

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PERK7NS1232d ago

When it works it's amazing! Need help in my club if anyone's game! Level 20 TURB HO
Anyone welcome!

MysticStrummer1231d ago

I'm glad it does exist because I bought it yesterday and think it's very very fun and visually amazing. Hopefully Evo gets things ironed out soon, but I have a lot of single player content to get through before I start trying to race humans.

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Sm00thNinja1232d ago

Still willing to give this game a real shot when things clear up.

SoapShoes1232d ago

Your disagrees are proof of the Xbox fanboys running rampant around here(as if the comments above weren't enough proof). My gosh this is crazy! You are willing to give it a shot but people are disagreeing with you.

hello121232d ago

Don't blame x box fans for this you guys hyped up Driveclub to be better than Forza. Accept it you guys got it wrong.

You guys should stop bashing the x box 1 as well. Sony can't even get an long waited console update right and Evolve Alpha had to be cancelled because of it.

If this happened on x box 1 we'd see 200 comments about it. There is more Sony fans posting at N4G i am sure lot of Sony fans are pissed off too. I rarely press the disagree button anyway i just post my comments.

NeoGamer2321232d ago

There maybe some xb fanboys in the disagrees, but frankly, Evolution f'ed this game's launch... There is no other way to put it.

It was supposed to launch last year and they cancelled a mere three weeks from launch. They delayed the game a year and you would think it would ship in nothing less than AAA condition...

Instead, the game is meh, the servers are unstable, and they haven't figured out how to get the PS+ edition running yet...

Any other game by any other studio would've been persecuted by all gamers... For some stupid reason there are a group of gamers still willing to give this mess a chance. There is no excuse to ship a game in this condition. BF4 was persecuted, and DriveClub deserves the same treatment.

Khronikos1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

This game has been more than persecuted lol. That gamers use the term persecuted when it comes to game development tells you all you need to know: Tween gamers are the worst people in the world.

Driveclub is great for those that have it and are actually playing it. We cannot help that people are jealous little morons.

Server issues OH WAH I need a free game now MAMA WAAAAAH help me I can't function DC doesn't work WAAAAAHHHH I'm a tween help me.

In fact BF4 launched to 8s-10s lol. Not one reviewer called anything out. The game got a free pass in the press, THE EXACT opposite of DC.

TheDevKit1232d ago

The Xbox fans on this site are tame.

It's the PS fans that are nuts here.

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Sm00thNinja1232d ago

No one's saying this game is going to become a masterpiece overnight but really all the game got wrong seems to lie in server stability and minor glitches. All easily fixable through patches. This doesn't need to become the norm Sony botched this big time but in 6 months time this could be a hidden gem

tanukisuit1232d ago

Exactly. Imagine if people just dropped Skyrim or Battlefield 4 altogether b/c of the bugs and glitches. People still came back and loved it (actually I'm not 100% sure about B4, but Skryim kept people going).

Ciporta19801231d ago

You wont regret it. i bought it yesterday and think its amazing at least 8/10 for me

jc121231d ago

I agree Smoothninja. I played the single player demo at Best Buy, and low and behold, it was pretty fun.

rainslacker1231d ago

Just waiting for the PS+ version to see if it's worth investing in a new wheel setup myself. Might end up renting it or something since I'm ready for a new racing game. If it's good, then I'll get the full game and a new wheel.:)

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Gaming247allday1232d ago

Dont trust these updates, apparently the PS4 2.0 Update messed up Driveclub, Sony how about you release a working Game next time? if you expect me to pay for it #4TheGamers lol

elazz1232d ago

Sometimes I think that I'm the only one without any problems with my PS4

Immorals1232d ago

People are always more vocal about problems than things working correctly.

MysticStrummer1231d ago

"Dont trust these updates, apparently the PS4 2.0 Update messed up Driveclub"

That's news to me. I finally bought a PS4 yesterday, along with Driveclub and a few other titles on disc and download. The PS4 updated… Driveclub updated… and I've been having a blast. Now that I've played the game, I have one more reason not to trust reviews.

Ciporta19801231d ago

Agreed. there is no way this game is 6/10. If they scored it that because of the servers they should have just said "for now don't buy and we will review when it's sorted." I bought it yesterday and am very impressed.

Angerfist1232d ago

A patch to fix a bug that came with the previous patch - great.

Spotie1232d ago

Because that has NEVER happened before...

DJ1232d ago

LOL, Battlefield 4. =]

andibandit1231d ago

And to each of those instances before:

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