Everything you need to know about Final Stand DLC for Battlefield 4 – video

Battlefield 4′s last DLC drop, Final Stand, is out very soon and you really want to know about everything coming with it.

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REDGUM1324d ago

thankyou for the info.

Yi-Long1324d ago

Bought BF4 + Premium in the EU sale last week orso.

WHEN it works, it's awesome. Sadly, it seems there are still a whole lot of problems simply staying connected to the EA-servers. Something which was already a problem 10 years orso ago, so it's crystal clear EA just doesn't care enough to fox it.

Microsoft and Sony never should have allowed EA the power to handle their own servers for consoles, and this whole Origin bullcrap, and simply should have taken care of the server-side themselves, cause EA isn't up to the task.

Hellsvacancy1324d ago

I did the same thing, 11.99 for 5 map packs etc was a bargain

That's the ONLY money i've spent on BF4, I didn't even buy the actual game, a friend gave it to me

Some games are good, some are BAAAAAAAAAAAD, it has nothing to do with my play style, it's the crappy servers

hardeepmeghera1324d ago

Am i the only one who doesnt have issues connecting to the servers? Is it really that bad?

Hellsvacancy1324d ago


I don't have a problem connecting to a server, it's just some matches seem totally broken, it's as if my weapons shoots rubber bullets or air, i'll unload my weapon on someone just for them to turn around and shoot me once

Other matches i'll TOTALLY dominate everyone, kills galore

I KNOW i'm not the only one, I joined a server last week and these two Amercian dudes were swearing like crazy because they just couldn't get any/many kills, no matter what they did

die_fiend1324d ago

The main thing to note is that this game died a long time ago

Hellsvacancy1324d ago

Tell that to the people who are playing BF4 right now

MysticStrummer1324d ago

Define "died", because there are lots of people playing.

T2X1324d ago

I'm sorry, I play this every day and live in the States. I also have premium. The game is right now,the best shooter on platforms bar none. No matter what people say. I agree that when it launched, it was riddled with troubled spots, but all of that is now over. And No, the game is far from dead. There are literally loads of servers up and running each day and millions enjoy it. Same with COD. So many people hate on it because like most other games, At this point in the games life cycle, most new players will get their butt kicked and rage quit and say the game sucks. You know it, I know it.

dreamed1324d ago

Hating cod has nothing to do with getting owned....its to do with the fact that its popularity has caused the complete homogenization of the industry.

example,resident evil is a terrible action game now,the entire clancy frachise,r6,ghost recon,splinter cell are all dumbdown run n gun cod wannabes that used to have a hardcore tactical fanbase which are all dead and buried now.....and all thanks to the "pos" known as cod.

I do except the majority of gamers/ppl are mindless sheep,hence cods popularity but imo all cod is,is a lesson in spamming both triggers........oh yeah & pushing up on left stick.....almost forgot 50% of the game then silly me.

soul-assassin-1324d ago

gave up on bugfield 4 a long time ago....

Flyingdog6701324d ago

Bought the game last week and I'm having a blast with it CX. Yes, it has its problems, it sometimes doesn't load the main menu, but when it works, its a whole lot of fun c:

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