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'Metal Gear Solid 4' gives Snake his final, best mission


Say what you will about lengthy cutscenes in games: Hideo Kojima has them down.

The "Metal Gear" series - masterminded by Kojima and now in its 20th year - is well known for its cinematic sequences and deep (and often convoluted) storytelling.

The final entry in the series, "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots" for the PlayStation 3, takes the storytelling to lofty heights. Cutscene time rivals gameplay time - and it's amazing.

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Silogon3617d ago

Who are all these morons reviewing the game? Why are all these no name sites being allowed to review the game? Do N4g reviews count too?

butterfinger3617d ago

So you called these people morons and a no-name site. They are actually well-respected in Illinois. It can't be helped that people are going out of their way to dig up every review possible. Aimee Green actually does a good job of reporting gaming news and doesn't deserve to be slammed by people like you. Complain on, Silogon!

clintos593617d ago

from MSN, to Fox News, AOL to Imageshack, lol. I guess the impact of this masterpiece has caught many people by suprise of just how amazing it is and others want to share there reviews aswell about the game. :)

Silogon3617d ago

sounds to me like you're the only one who knows who she or this site even is. Let alone cares. Just because a 10 is slapped onto this review doesn't mean it's worth anymore time than Tom's Review or any of the others who gave it a bad review.

They need a quality control regulation in order for the game's final score to be noted. This is why Meta and Gamerankings is off and not reliable.

They allowed 87 reviews for Gears of war and only 77 for Uncharted. Is that fair? no. MGS4 will garner 200 reviews at this rate. Don't even try to justify this to me or anyone. We should have a 20 review limit and that's it. Quality over quantity.

butterfinger3617d ago

Ok, so a 20 review limit? And who's reviews will make up those 20 exactly? 20 10's or 20 of what you agree with? Or 20 sites that you agree with? Your idea is a joke and totally unjustifiable and practically impossible. If you don't like the review system that much then you shouldn't pay attention to it. It's not going to change anytime soon. Complain on, Silogon!

Silogon3617d ago

no, you take the most notable sites. The sites with the most hits and most users and most traffic.


etc. etc. etc. etc.

Those are what will make up your scores. You take the top 20 sites and that's it. the top sites with the most hits and user base. the most known and familiar. That way every game has a fair shot of meeting the demands of the meta when they allow 87 reviews to 77 reviews be acceptable is when I stopped taking them serious.

You can't honestly sit here and tell me that 10% wouldn't have made a different on Uncharteds reviews. Sorry. It's unacceptable to tout these meta scores when there is no quality control stopping how many reviews count and don't count.

butterfinger3617d ago

have no idea if 10% would have made a difference. You could do the research yourself and look up Uncharted reviews on every other site (not blogs or user reviews) that wasn't on Metacritic and find out for yourself. However, the only reason you would do that is if you are an Uncharted or PS3 fanboy. I don't waste a much time worrying about whether my console has x number of AAA titles according to Metacritic. If I like a game, I will enjoy that game without someone telling me I should or shouldn't. BTW, your idea of using sites that get the most hits still fails. That still doesn't solve any of the reviewing bias problems or anything. Let it go. You will never change the review system, and I doubt enough people care enough to help you try.

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Baba19063617d ago

what are you fighting about 0o. i think its clear that the game is a masterpiece. at least for me. so who cares about the reviews.

butterfinger3617d ago

I was just defending a respectable person and their site. All of these reviews are meaningless to me, and the game was amazing.