Do Grand Theft Auto Games Actually Need Strong Protagonists?

UM writes: Story and characters are usually the last thing on everyone’s mind when a new Grand Theft Auto game is announced. Usually, people want to know: A) Where is it being set? B) Is there any new fun stuff I can do? Yet, when the games are released, all reviewers seem to fixate on the playable characters. GTA IV was lauded as having an amazing character arc, chock-full of pathos and emotion. GTA V went so far as to include three playable characters, who all met with mixed reception. Some reviewers bent over backwards to praise their effect on the game, others heavily criticized their personalities and personal choices.

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NukaCola1296d ago

Yes. The story is a major part of it.

scark921296d ago

I agree, Its what I personally enjoy most from GTA.

SonyWarrior1295d ago

the story is why i play gta every thing else is just a extra

badz1491295d ago

protagonist? like Sleeping Dogs?

3-4-51295d ago

GTA 5 Main cast was not likable at all.

Franklin was alright, but Trevor was a whinny & annoying and just yelled all the time.

Trevor's "cool factor" lasted about 2 minutes, and then he became annoying and predictable.

Elwenil1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Agreed, the characters and story are as big a part of the game as the setting. Unfortunately for Rockstar, they set the chanracter and story bar pretty high with Red Dead Redemption. Like it or not, even Niko was an excellent character with conflicting issues that made him feel more like a real person. For me, GTA 5 was a step backwards in both character quality and story depth. Granted all the characters were likable and Trevor was a lot of fun, they felt very shallow and superficial to me. There seemed to be so much more they could have done with 3 characters as well as some things we could have done without.

Take Franklin's sudden and illogical rise from his poor neighborhood to a mansion on the hill. Why was this done? What purpose did it serve in the story other than to give Franklin a 2 car garage and a more central location on the map? Did we really need a "rags to riches" story in there so badly that we just skip most of the steps to get to the end? It just doesn't make any sense.

I would much rather that Rockstar concentrate on a single character and make it count rather than dilute the story for three separate characters. I did enjoy the character swapping mechanic during missions but I hope Rockstar takes a bit of what they have learned and either make the multiple characters more meaningful, have deeper connections and stories more entangled or stick to one story. Perhaps they could make multiple characters all from the same family, as in brothers and sisters. That would make all their stories the same story, but could tell it from the different angles of each character with each of their own issues and conflicts within. They need something more than just a few heists to tie them together and to tear them apart.

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troylazlow1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Yes they do

desertpunk861295d ago

after destiny,watchdogs and the evil within...yes we do.

LOGICWINS1295d ago

Yup. Tommy and CJ were awesome! But Luis Lopez is my favorite GTA protagonist.

The_Blue1295d ago

Gay Tony's little play thing.

Concertoine1295d ago

I have to ask why. I found him really forgettable.

LOGICWINS1295d ago

He was the most relatable of all the GTA protagonists IMO. He wasn't a psycho like Tommy or a gangbanger like CJ. Dude was just a glorified bodyguard that sold drugs on the side. And he could DANCE!

Chard1295d ago

>Thinks back to when I first played GTA1, where characters didn't matter one bit, and it was all about tearing sh*t up and having fun.
>Looks at comments above.
I feel old.

mixelon1295d ago

*laughs at the disagrees*

The people have spoken. Stop feeling old, Alf.

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