I Have Call of Duty Fatigue, But This Is Why I’m Giving Advanced Warfare a Chance

Andrew Matt writes: For all the vitriol that is thrown at the series and my own disillusion with the lack of evolution that previous games have had, I must give credit to Sledgehammer Games for attempting to create something that looks almost nothing like the Call of Duty we’ve come to know. While part of me deep down is wary of being baited into the same old formula of Prestige modes, perks, drop shotting and quick scopes, I have found myself excited for the game to launch for the first time in the past five years. It’s time to give Call of Duty a fair chance again at winning our affection after its past transgressions.

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ironfist921295d ago

Never played COD, but this one does look intriguing, if only a rent for the single player.

joab7771295d ago

Every yr I end up in this same place for different reasons. My friends are big CoD fans, so I usually get coaxed into playing until some rpg comes along or I go back to some mmo.

We were all playing Destiny so I hoped that would carry through this yrs CoD release, but almost on cue, we all are at or 1 piece from level 30 on multiple characters and all that's really left is raiding each wk.

Dragon Age is 2 weeks away, so...ughh. I really wish Destiny had brought the Iron Banner back. Bit no way is Activision going to let Destiny stop anyone from buying CoD too.

SmielmaN1295d ago

Ya I'm digging destiny big time and am almost at level 30 too, but I want crazy loot and it plays like evolved Halo so that's whats keeping me engaged.

But I'm done with COD. Ya the story is crazy for like 5 hrs then it's twitch MP where almost every game has guys exposing cheats or hacks and kids screaming at everything. COD: RIP

urwifeminder1295d ago

I don't like Spacey facey skip.

T2X1295d ago

But apparently, you are a Brony.

Miraak82 1295d ago

I've never played CoD but I'm gonna pick this one up for
1) I like Kevin Spacey
2) I figure since I really don't have many friends on my freinds list that have ps4's and this will help me get alot ... for share play :p
3) as someone who's great at fps and never played CoD I have the 1up on alot of ppl for not having to readjust my notion of how the previous entries are played

FullmetalRoyale1295d ago

I met my best friend, and current roommate playing MW2. It was my first experience with the series, pretty much.

Do with that what you will. There are plenty of cool people playing, and by cool I mean nice. Could have just said nice, but I did not, so deal with it. ;)

My digital preorder will unlock at ten p.m. my time, so I'll probably play a little bit of campaign before I go to sleep.

SmielmaN1295d ago

PSN: SmielmaN

I collect friends lol. Add me if you want.

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