The Battle of the Exclusive Rages on

In the gaming business, games make the console. With three excellent consoles to choose from in this generation, which is the ideal one to go for? At least, two out of the three have similar third-party releases, but what sets them apart are the exclusives they offer.

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76erz241233d ago

So far this gen quality exclusives has not equaled sales. Sony has had easily the weakest exclusive lineup but has the most sales. While Microsoft and nintendo have churned out some truly great game that have not equaled a drastic raise in sales.

MSpence5161233d ago

Too many people are worried about resolution rather than playing games, and these people call themselves gamers.

mikeslemonade1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

You guys must have been gaming for only like 5 years. Last gen was also about specs. Did you not see digital foundry. Whole reason why 360 did so well was because the multiplats ran better on the 360 while being a cheaper system.

You guys just can't take the dish. When you were dishing out Wii60 last generation it was fine but when it's Sony on top you guys are being sore about it.

Despite the high reviews Bayonetta 2, doesn't deserve such high scores. It's the classic Nintendo treatmeant. Reviewers biased towards Nintendo first party and Microsoft exclusives.

Bayonetta 1 is still the best hack/slash game. B2 is just another good game.

Sincere01211233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Agreed, it's because all the casuals have flocked from the Wii to the ps4.
It's not about quality games for the casuals, it's about graphics and what has the most sales/what's popular.

This gen when it comes to sales Ps4 wins hands down but when it comes to quality games Wii U wins hands down.

Pc and Wii U is all I need at the moment. May get a ps4 as a secondary console in the future when price drops and it gets some decent games.

warrior821233d ago

Nintendo historically has been dependent on their vast exclusive IPs to be successful and it shows in this generation. They dont care who wins the console war, but they know their exclusives will carry them through. so good on you Nintendo. I say with titles like Bayonetta getting strong reception, theyre good to go. Good on you Nintendo. May the force be with you Super Mario!

guyman1233d ago

"Sony has had easily the weakest exclusive lineup but has the most sales. While Microsoft and nintendo have churned out some truly great game that have not equaled a drastic raise in sales."

That is extremely subjective (besides the sales, obviously the ps4 has a larger install base). Don't try to pass that as a fact, because both The xbox one and ps4 have been lackluster when it comes to exclusives. Why? it is only the first year. With the release of SSO, xbox definitely has an edge, but isn't demolishing the ps4 as you blindly suggest. However, fanboy's for either console will argue to the ends of the earth to try and prove they have the better console (i don't speak for the wii because i don't own the console)

niterocker1233d ago

not all exclusives are guarantees to be killer titles. guess which was the biggest game of last year? it was not an exclusive at all...but gta 5..after seeing how well that did, not sure exclusives always drive console sales.

saadd201232d ago

Sony has benefited from third party sales more. A handful of exclusives have been big hits like inFamous SS, and Last of Us remaster, and maybe Killzone SF.

supercpu1233d ago

No its a lot of people jumped on the Sony PR 1080p lol what have they done.....? oh my.

teknx1233d ago

That franken-controller unsettles me...

niterocker1233d ago

Hope Uncharted 4 is good..the previous ones were excellent.

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