The Greatest Game Ever Made Came Out Exactly 7 Years Ago Today

Justin from Controller Crusade writes:
"It’s been exactly 7 years since the release of what is arguably the single greatest videogame ever made. The game was originally released in Japan on November 1, 2007 and was followed up with a release on November 12 and November 16 in North America and Europe (respectively). It took a one of gaming’s oldest and most revered franchises and hurled it towards the stars, creating what is possibly the series’ finest entry to date. Critics and gamers both agree, it seems, as this game is currently the highest rated game of all time on GameRankings, and among the highest games ever on Metacritic. Now, what game is it that earns this type of praise and could legitimately be called the “greatest game ever”? I’m talking, of course, about Super Mario Galaxy."

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uth111388d ago

I bought both of these games based on the hype and I just couldn't get into them. I'd much rather play super mario bros Wii

rambi801388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

They were ok. The camera and depth perception were a bit off. I feel like i would have enjoyed these more with a normal controller. Personally, i enjoyed Kirby's epic yarn a lot more.

I share in your confusion about why this was so great. They were good, but this is a bit much. Brace yourself for disagrees though.

R00bot1388d ago

I feel like, had the game been 3D, it could have been much better as I found myself missing what should have been easy jumps way too much.

ShinMaster1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

I love Mario. And while Galaxy is a good game, it is one of the most overrated games of last generation, especially Galaxy 2. I mean holy crap.

badz1491387d ago

I think I'm on the same boat. maybe that's just me never being a fan of Mario from the beginning. back in the days, I've always preferred Sonic over Mario and think R&C is the better action platformer than Mario too.

I tried Mario Galaxy and I just can't get into it. best game ever made? I just can't feel it.


super mario galaxy is an absolute masterpiece. so many different level styles. definitely some of the most fun ive ever had gaming, as it kind of took me back to "those golden days" when playing video games was the number one choice as a pastime.

scark921388d ago

But.. but Metal Gear Solid 3 came out in 2004..

breakpad1388d ago

haha agree ..but i consider -Shadow of the Colossus- the best game ever made

Metallox1388d ago

Why? Because it has less and its only objective it's to destroy the colossus? That seems unfair for other video games that don't try to the same, content-wise. I do agree that Shadow of Colossus is special, but just because it's not the typical mainstream video game I wouldn't call it the "best game ever made".

breakpad1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

@Metallox probably you haven t played the game from start to end and you only watched some Letsplay/walkthrough videos of the game...go buy it play it from the start and come here only to agree with me

scark921387d ago

Haha nice man :) That is cool! I guess SotC is one of the only games that you make your jaw drop every 40 minutes of gameplay xD When the colossi turns around staring at you! Goosebumps!

Metallox1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

I have played it enough, thank you, and btw, I like it. But again, I don't understand why do you think is the best game ever.

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Vegamyster1387d ago

I've missed it the first time around but have been playing it on the Vita HD collection, i love managing camo & hunting but the level design & boss battles haven't aged well.

scark921387d ago

:O The Boss battles are fantastic! The End <3

BiggerBoss1387d ago

I wish I could give you a hundred agrees lol. Never have I played a linear game with so much replay value. I love mario as much as the next guy, but MGS3 is just unbeatable imo

Metallox1388d ago

I enjoyed Galaxy 2 way more, but even that is still nothing compared to Super Mario 3D World to me. I wish people could appreciate this Wii U game more.

deafdani1387d ago

I love Mario 3D World! But for me, Galaxy 2 is still better.

Galaxy 2 > 3D World > Galaxy 1.

Anyway, it doesn't matter for me, because the best game ever made came out last year: The Wonderful 101. Now THAT is a criminally underappreciated game, if you ask me.


martinezjesus19931388d ago

The Last of Us came out last year though. . .

TripC501388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Greatest game. Not interactive movie. JK

But seriously Super Mario Galaxy's soundtrack alone is more enjoyable than most video games. It was a mass of masterpieces.

LucasRuinedChildhood1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

The Last Of Us may have a great story, but it is actually quite game-y in the way that you have to collect supplies, craft tools, find items/upgrade at specific work stations, use stealth/distractions, and forces you to stop to switch between certain weapons (e.g, when you're holding more than one type of gun), which can create some mild Resident Evil-ish tension. Your joke doesn't make sense. It just seems like an outsider's view of the game, and a fundamental misunderstanding of all the things that made it great. The story/presentation was just one of its strengths.

martinezjesus19931388d ago

Mario Galaxy isnt even the best Mario game ever, I loved 3D World better.

TripC501388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

@Lucas I loved TLOU.

TLOU is the greatest PS game ever, for sure.

Galaxy is a better game though. That's no joke.

TXIDarkAvenger1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )


ashen1221388d ago

dang I was about to say that

shaw981387d ago

That is the most overrated game ever next to GTA4.

Big_Game_Hunters1387d ago

great game play is the minimum requirement to be best game ever, i'm afraid TLOU doesn't cut it.

kingahmad901387d ago

define great gameplay , because I think the gameplay in TLOU to be amazing

deafdani1387d ago

TLOU is a great game, but for me it doesn't come close to greatest game ever made. There are several games that I love way more than it.


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