Destiny Raid Diary II: Let's Finish This

Hayden Waugh writes: "The team was handsomely rewarded for vanquishing the Templar. Some much-needed Ascendant Shards would further level up my Armamentarium chest piece, though I was holding out for something slightly more special.

As a small nook poked out from the Templar boss area, we figured it must be the next passage to take; the central cube revealed a small opening in its side. Everyone was a in a crouch position for a long time with so little room to move, like a bunch of ants trying to navigate the inside of their hill. It was dark – really dark. The team was in single file and the only thing I knew was that we were going down – into what, I didn’t know."

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n4rc1265d ago

Best part of the whole raid to me was the little adventure between battles..

We had a blast.. Was too funny listening to comments like "shut up! He can hear you laughing!" "Wait.. Seriously?"

Then mocking the last guy trying to make the jump.. Lol..