Opinion: We need to stop being obsessed about resolution and framerate

Continue Play: "Remember when a game’s worth was determined not by how many polygons it pushed around the screen at any point in time, or how many pixels there were, but because it was fun?

This ridiculous snobbery – manifesting most keenly in message board arguments over who has the better console – often makes me wonder if people have forgotten just why they decided they enjoy playing games in the first place."

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xHeavYx1270d ago

I agree, but only as long as developers use the full potential they have available.
Games used to look a lot worse and were still fun, yes, but sometimes that feels too much like an excuse, some people need to realize that times have changed and stop living in the past

SonofGod1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

So you would be okay with if 3rd party devs like Ubisoft used MS's dedicated servers to enhance online experience in games like Division and AC Unity on XO?

amiga-man1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

So you would be okay with if 3rd party devs like Ubisoft used MS's dedicated servers to enhance online experience in games like Division and AC Unity on XO?

Of course, developers should use all assets that are available to them, including the PS4's extra performance whether that comes in the form of resolution, framerate or enhanced graphics, gamers have a right to expect developers to use their console to it's full potential .

PeaSFor1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

you mean like the disastrous grunts AI in TitanFall?

dat enhancement...

fr0sty1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

@amiga You do realize Sony uses dedicated servers too, right? You do realize MS was using the term "dedicated server" as a marketing buzzword so people who don't know that much about the technology behind these games would think there was some sort of advantage there, right? You do know PS3 games use dedicated servers, right? Which is why you cannot play games like Socom and MAG anymore, their dedicated servers were taken offline to be dedicated to different games.

As for the article, I want the most bang for my buck. If a game I want runs better on another system, I want to know it BEFORE I buy the game. There is nothing snobbish about making an informed purchase and not wanting to get stuck with a gimped copy of my favorite game. I want to know what console is the most powerful, and what games run the best on what systems.

Sandy_Claws1270d ago

"PeaSFor + 4h ago
you mean like the disastrous grunts AI in TitanFall?"

--- I realize you're probably too dumb to understand this, but that's what grunts are. They are...GRUNTS. made easy to kill on purpose. It gave the less skilled players someone to kill. Whether that decision by Respawn was good or not is not the point. The point is that they were cloud-powered and worked exactly as they were supposed to.

PeaSFor1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

PixeLust, dont be ridiculous, i own the game on origin and the grunt ai is a real joke, standing there like a retard, its ok to be cannon fodders to accomodate the noobs... but cmon.... even the bots behavior in cs(in 2002) was less mentally challenged.

dat azure cloud bullshit.

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PurpHerbison1270d ago

"Games used to look a lot worse"

Probably looked great for their time and aged poorly.

joab7771270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

And this isn't happening.

And I hate how ppl minimize certain issues now and make a big deal out of others.

Last gen, it was fine that many game suffered from the PS3'S split memory, or that dlc came up to a full yr later than its competitor. Now that one console has used the others' playbook to get ahead, it's not OK.

Now we need to ignore the differences, and just play the games. Well, I am. On my PS4. This gen, it will be always be the platform for multiplats.

And remember, while this is about games and we r the consumers, it's also about business, jobs, families, and yes, money. It's about putting out the best possible product and taking advantage of good decisions.

MS has a huge hill to climb and they will climb it the same way Sony did last gen, by making exclusives we MUST play. But while I love the Xbox brand, it was them that turned their backs 1st on those who built them, opting instead for a broader audience. Now, they pay the price.

And it's fine b/c they will work much harder, like Sony did...and then we win.

solar1270d ago

the obsession wouldnt be relevant if MS and Sony actually delivered what they said they sold us.

wonderfulmonkeyman1270d ago

There's a downside to "using the full potential" that you're overlooking...

Budget and development time.
The more you try to cram into a game, graphically, the longer and more expensive it becomes to make.
And if that game flops...

Well, let's just say that, sometimes, less is more, yeah?
The less they focus on graphics, the more they'll be able to do in the areas of gameplay and storytelling, and the smaller their bills will likely be, too.

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masterfox1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Yeah I will go back to my CRT monitor and everyone will agree with me, cause it doesn't matter if the game is good right ? so everybody agrees to play on its CRT tv/monitor games like Sunset Overdrive, Bayonetta 2 right right ?............................. .............................
bunch of hypocrites!! your freaking console can't deal with todays standards you just need to deal with it and stop justifying its inferiority dammit !!!

ContinuePlay1270d ago

That's somewhat missing the point of the article :)

MRMagoo1231270d ago

Most gamers arent obsessed with frame rate and res, but they do get pissed off when companies purposely hold one console back for another, being the case with AC unity. If devs take full advantage of each console most gamers will be happy, everyone and their grandma knows the PS4 will always have a better performing game if devs do just that.

NeoGamer2321270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Good, now people should quit writing articles that we have to stop obsessing about this...

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past year you should know the status of this generation of consoles frame rates and resolutions...

We don't need to discuss it anymore...

Here's a novel concept... Let's talk about games on the gaming site...

WackoDaSniper1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

No need to be obsessed, all my games come standard 1080p except for ac unity aka parity junk

StrawberryDiesel4201270d ago

I agree about resolution. However, framerate is very important. Games are about fun at the end of the day. If a game looks gorgeous yet it's boring to play, I don't care what the resolution is. A stable framerate is integral to good gameplay. Certain games are even better at higher framerates in terms of gameplay. Resolution will never impact gameplay like framerate.

Macdaddy711270d ago

I agree, all the games going to look better on X1 n ps4 then any last gen systems,.. (If anyone disagrees with that then your just being dumb cause they do look better).. But far as Framrate that's a Must to make our games fun!!! Playing a game with bad Framrate is like playing someone online with a lot of Lag...
We do need to stop worrying bout it,.. If you look at craigslist and see how many ppl wanting to trade there ps4 for a Xbox one, cause they bought the ps4 they was told it was more powerful or thought they had to get ps4 cause everyone did, then after playing ps4 then there friends X1 they see that there no diff in the two!!! I know this cause i own both systems...

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