Gamers vow to log off for 24 hours to protest GamerGate

By positioning themselves as an important market demographic in the growing $66-billion video game industry, GamerGaters have scored some significant corporate victories.

But the people who stand against the movement — which is about ethics in journalism or harassment of women, depending on who you ask — are video game consumers, too. And London based IT support engineer Joseph Guthrie, 28, is hoping to draw major gaming companies’ attention to that fact.

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Dark_Overlord1352d ago

"On Nov. 1, he’s calling on those who oppose GamerGate’s harassment tactics to log off for 24 hours. That means no Xbox Live, no PlayStation Network, no Nintendo Network and no Steam. The goal is a total blackout, Guthrie says. ”That includes using Netflix, Amazon Prime video, Twitch, TV apps, and all that fun stuff."

"I denounced it early on as an aimless movement, but I don’t think anyone was prepared for the the venomous mess that it would eventually devolve into,” he says. ”It’s like watching a slasher flick: grotesque viewing, hard to stomach, but you can’t look away."

I think you're looking at the wrong side, the harassment is mainly coming from the anti GG side XD

Some people are so oblivious to the facts and believe all the lies (which are regularly proven as lies) and every little bit of crap from the sites running the smear campaign.

You can gladly take a 24 hour break from gaming, those of us actual gamers who are sick of being constantly persecuted against will carry on playing games and stick up for what we believe in :)

"I’m hoping NoAchievementsTilJustice is the precursor to amnesty. I want to see everyone at the table and really talking about the issues that GamerGate failed to oversee a rational and cohesive discussion about. I’d like to see sincere apologies issued. I’d like for the major publishers and devs to acknowledge their role in all of this by largely being silent. Overall, I’m hoping this is the catalyst the culture and industry need to continue progressing positively"

Really?! Just really? Apologies from GG supporters? Now I know this bloke is just a hater and oblivious to the facts. Troll on is all I say, we aren't backing down :)

scark921352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

I love how their is a link on his Youtube Channel in which he only has 19 subscribers, to me it looked like an advertisement.
These people will have no problem not playing their games for 24 hours for obvious reasons.

1351d ago
T2X1352d ago

LOL! Really? No, I'll just keep enjoying myself as this whole thing is idiotic. Everyone involved needs to get a life.

3-4-51351d ago

K....COD:AW is about to release in less than 24 hours and you expect people to.....Log off ?


Dark_Overlord1351d ago

Damn! I forgot all about that XD Good luck if he thinks he's going to succeed.

rainslacker1351d ago

Would be more impressive and meaningful if they actually boycotted buying any games for the month of November if they feel the developers need to be held responsible too(which I say the developers are just as culpable in some ways).

I mean...if you really want devs/pubs to pay attention, hit them where it hurts. Take that from the GG who know where to hit the websites by getting advertisers to pull out.

I doubt they'll have enough support to even show a blip in the usage numbers on a single day.

3-4-51351d ago

K....COD:AW is about to release in less than 24 hours and you expect people to.....Log off ?


Somebody wants attention.

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Date_Um_Sage1352d ago

Sure I'll stop gaming, wait isn't this all in the gaming industry so no, Not stopping they can all choke on a big one.

Gamergate and feminazi's whatever i'm gonna go do something useful and game.

Deadpool6161352d ago

Log off for 24 hours to protest Gamergate?

Oh my! How ever will they survive without electronic entertainment for 24 hours? They will shrivel away into nothingness without proper e-nutrition. Just thinking of the pain they'll have to endure makes me....ohhhhhh *faints*

Joking aside, do you really call this a protest? An actual protest? Does anyone remember how protest use to be in the past? Protesters had to endure harsh conditions to make it known that they truly believed in what they stood for. Today it's "logging off"? Really? You want to know a OG (original) protesters reaction would be to this? I'd imagine it would be something like this...

1352d ago
Blacktric1351d ago

Logging off 24 hours to protest a movement comprised of gamers from all colors, sexes and sexual orientations while claiming yourself to be gamers is probably one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.

At least the multiplayer components of games will be free from SJW stupidity for 24 hours. If they actually play games to begin with that is...

rainslacker1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Yeah, why not have a log on day with a 24 hour jam of gaming where all the supporters can come and go with some sort of centralized organizing place for them all to socialize and show how much they love gaming.

With a black out, there's nothing for the media to cover except some random comments from the people doing it saying how meaningful it is. With a 24 hour game session, they can highlight the fun stuff while raising awareness of their side of the story...if that is really that necessary given how much attention they get.

Maybe GG supporters can have a log-in day on the black out day.:) $10 on which one would have more people doing it.:) Unfortunately, being the anti-social twat I am, I wouldn't know how to organize such a thing.:(

WeAreLegion1352d ago

Gamergate supporters do not support harassment.

Spotie1351d ago

Shh. You can't go around telling the truth. You have to stick with the narrative.

Manubiggs1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

What's that going to achieve, it's not like the people doing the abuse give a damn .

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