NBA 2K15 Roster Update Details 10/31/14

The latest NBA 2K15 roster update is now available for download on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Check out what's new in today's roster update.

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killasouljah1296d ago

The online play SUCK!!! Very slow response, about a second..and in a basketball game speed is important... All these years of making this game and STILL have online issues.. And the matchmaking suck as well, I just started out playing online and they put me against a player that already play over 100 games though that is a confidence killer.I am so disappointed in the multiplayer I don't want to play anymore until they can fix this issue or issues. Tired of paying all this money for games that don't really work like they supposed to I know there will always be bugs but something like that that can affect the way you play the game and how you play the game.and I haven't even covered all the other issues that is concerning about this game my reading of this game right now until they get a fix for it......5 out of 10