DriveClub Review: Termed As "PS4's Forza Killer" But Lost The Race In The First Lap | Gamepur

Driveclub, a word that caused a surge of excitement from the moment it was announced at the PlayStation 4 Event back in February 2013. Driveclub promised to be a lot of things in the racing genre, revolutionary next gen title, never seen before and the ultimate name given was: Forza Killer.

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DanteVFenris6661359d ago

Haven't seen a flame title as bad as that in a while

combatcash1359d ago

Very true but it is. Kind of funny lol I have a ps4 and from the live streams I've seen it's definitely not a forza killer

NegativeCreep4271359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Total trolling article title.

After all, Sony already has a "Forza Killer". Yeah it's a little known IP called Gran Turismo. Some people may have heard of it...

xPhearR3dx1359d ago

Coming from a PS4/PC only owner. Forza has been better than Gran Turismo for some time now.

martinezjesus19931359d ago

@PhearR3d. Coming from a Xbox1/Ps4/PC owner, and someone who haas enjoyed the heck out of both Forzas this gen, Forza still has some catching up to do from Gran Turismo

jebabcock1359d ago

Well DriveClub is outselling fh2... Not sure I understand the title. What Does that say about fh2?

u got owned1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )


Its says that sales dont equal quality. The fact that it has sold more doesn't mean is a better game.

1359d ago
SoapShoes1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

@xphere - Not in terms of physics. GT has better content and physics. Not to mention wheel support. Forza does some things better and GT does some things better. Forza 5 was a big let down, no Nurburgring and only 13 tracks. Lame.

Kingdomcome2471358d ago

@SoapShoes- Forza 5 does have the Nurburgring. They released it, and gave it away free on the day of E3

Ryan7411358d ago

GT went stale a long time ago.

Saito1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Wow people look at that PS exclusive downplay. These xbots are strong in this article. I wonder why..

NatureOfLogic_1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Double Comment

NatureOfLogic_1358d ago

Forza tries to literally be like the GT series. GT is the reason Forza even exist.

gamer78041358d ago

not to burst your bubble but GT hasn't been relevant for a long time, forza has long since held the crown

thereapersson1358d ago

Gamer7804, you literally have no idea what you are talking about. GT Academy is used to train people to drive in a real racing environment. You can earn a license by playing Gran Turismo.

The Forza series is a great set of games. I played the heck out of the first one on XBox, and the others have gone onto critical acclaim in both sales and game play. That said, don't kid yourself on what each respective series sets out to accomplish.

ManiacMansion1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

@ jebabcock

"Driveclub is outselling FH2..."

xone 6 million units, 250k sold first week

ps4 12 million units, 350k sold first week.

There are more xone owners playing forza2 as ps4 owners playing driveclub if you take the hardware as a number.

badz1491358d ago


"There are more xone owners playing forza2 as ps4 owners playing driveclub if you take the hardware as a number."

no! numbers doesn't work that way. it just means 350k people playing DC on PS4 and 250k people playing FH2 on Xbone. how can 250k > 350k??

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colonel1791359d ago

That's how "Journalism" works, but sadly, that's how the world works too.

Money is more important that anything else. We got to a point where substance, quality, value, integrity, etc are just not important.

2cents1358d ago

I sadly agree.

We are in an age now where we need to make our own minds up. There seems to be a real sense that us gamers are incapable of making up our own minds. These journalists have finally bitten the hand that has fed them and turned us into sexist, misogynistic, half-wits that have no intelligence or moral code.

There are still times when we get good exposure of games, developments and industry but the majority of journalists seem to gain more satisfaction from trawling twitter accounts and idiot industry 'insiders' that only every have hate inducing information that is always one sided. Things like "mark my words!" And "Its not going to be pretty!" Idiots, all of them.

At least it seems that us readers are wising up to them and soon I hope the tables will turn. Then hopefully we can get back to the enjoyment of gaming.

Toiletsteak1359d ago

In the trailer VG27 called it the Forza Killer so not really flame bait.

joab7771359d ago

I agree...but there is a silver lining. If they can iron it all out, and it releases 4 free on PSN (free version), it will instantly become one of the best values around.

So there's that.

VealParmHero1358d ago

I respect what Sony does with PS plus, and I am glad MS has followed suit. PS plus often offers more relevant games than games with gold does, and Driveclub is an example of this. I am not going to get into the discussion of PS Plus vs GwG, but my point is that PS Plus is essentially an extended demo. You will not have the "free" version forever. Besides, that version holds some of the content back.

TheWatercooler1358d ago

absolutely ridiculous title. But you can't expect better from gamepur. They live of N4G and clickbait

Sonital1358d ago

I thought the first rule of Drive Club was to not talk about Drive Club?

phinch1358d ago

Best thing is, it still outsold forza

Chris121358d ago

Really? Please provide us with the digital sale numbers on both consoles. All these software sales arguments are irrelevant as no-one knows the digital take up. I have friends playing Dc and FH2 and not one has bought the disc version.

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dRanzer1359d ago

this is getting old
i never played froza serise this is why i will give driveclub 8\10
pepole need to stop compere games,then we can making progress

combatcash1359d ago

People wouldn't have compared it, if they hadn't decided to include the forza killer comment in their advertising. The fact is drive club is an unfinished product, they are delaying the ps+ version because of the problems, however they don't have a problem continuing to sell an unfinished/broken game. How is it that a game ships without weather lol it was one of the things they were really promoting

dRanzer1359d ago

so lets makes reviews next month, edit the weather out and the game will be more stable
besides developers do not have to release free versions, i do not recall Microsoft swept its xbox live network with a free version of FH2
full game with ps+ user you can buy the game at 40$

*sorry about my poor english

Silly gameAr1358d ago

Bull. People where already comparing them before either game even came out.

VealParmHero1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

I agree that they really messed up with how they handled the launch of this game...a rare issue for Sony, but just goes to show that everyone makes mistakes. To be fair, had Forza Horizon 2 launched with this many issues...well, you know what these forums would look like.

Sony has been stabbing MS since E3 2013, because frankly they could...but they are the ones who came out and said "Forza Killer", and they are the ones who released an unfinished game that really killed nothing but its own hype..regardless of the sales. I'll save my money for better Sony exclusives, thank you very much.

joab7771359d ago

When it comes to exclusives and selling consoles, damn right u can compare them. Sony is fortunate that the last ur has gone so well b/c Driveclub was supposed to be important to the PS4'S initial launch.

Harold_Finch1358d ago

Well done for being open minded...

TimeSkipLuffy1359d ago

I don't really think DriveClub lost the game. The game itself probably is OK even if it is not the FORZA killer. The problem are bad decisions done by the game studio, marketing and Sony.
They could have avoided many problems with the right choices but I hope their "failure" will lead to something they actually learn from and get stronger and better next time.

Fireseed1359d ago

Im hoping that after all of this Sony learns that even on the tide of success that is the PS4 they need to stop labeling their games as "*Insert IP Here* Killers". It has literally never worked for them and usually backfires by asking people to make direct comparisons.

Also I know Sony themselves did not make the claim... but they decided to put it prominently in their trailer.

joab7771359d ago

Like release the free version 1st.Then iron out all the issues. Who can bitch that their free game isn't working right?

u got owned1359d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

How is it free if you are paying a service which sales pitch was free games (DC been one of those free games)

TimeSkipLuffy1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Actually a big beta test like Bungie did with Destiny would have reduced many issues. People complain about the missing PS+ title because it was promised way back. If they wouldn't have advertised it to begin with there wouldn't be such an uproar.

Khronikos1359d ago

The game is amazing. It and Horizon are two totally different things. The bad reviews are all about servers. The actual driving and graphics are superb in the game.

joab7771359d ago

This is absolutley true. My only issue is this. How many ppl bought Driveclub? How many are playing at once. I've played Destiny everyday since launch and have received 5 errors...maybe. And it's much bigger.

ShowanW1359d ago

I have yet to play DC.

But Sony/Evolution put this one on themselves.
They were the one's touting "Forza Killer".
And now people are up here trying to give Sony/Evo a pass.

I'm a PS4/One owner.

But I also believe in the "if you gonna talk it, you better walk it"

Sony doesn't get a pass on this. You may have prior to the trash talk, but you have to live with this one.

martinezjesus19931359d ago

Dude, I'm not trying to defend Driveclub by any means, but if a website didnt publish the Forza killer thing, they wouldnt have put it on their trailer. Its not like they self proclaimed themselves that. If someone says somethi g good about your product, would you not put that on your ads?

joab7771359d ago

Good point. It was them quoting someone else? I guess that was kinda overlooked by everyone.

Chris121358d ago

So that makes me OK. Some of you people will defend anything. Sony decided to use the quote, no-one held a gun to their head. Terrible decision to the worst launch of a game in years. Suck it up.